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Joy to the world! The Lord has come! Let all creation sing! Let every heart prepare Him room, and let heaven and nature sing! Let heaven and nature sing! Let heaven, let heaven and nature sing! =)

Today is Christmas. Yep! Christmas. The day where we commemorate Jesus' birth (I know He wasn't born in the winter, okay?) and give each other presents, sometimes pretending they were delivered there by a jolly fat man in a red coat. I still do think that notion is ridiculous. I mean, if you were a master ninja like Klausu-san is, would you want all these cute renditions of yourself posted everywhere? So, here's to hoping your Christmas is a good one :) I know some of you likely still won't be too happy about it all for your own reasons why today shouldn't be merry...but all I ask is that you at least try and celebrate the day in your own heart, not worrying about the presents and such. Christmas Day is a day for people just to be good to each other. So, please, respect each other, be good to each other, and don't be materialistic. Just remember the friends and family that you have, cherish them, and maybe let them know today that they're cherished. Merry Christmas, Live Journal people, one and all :)

Well, with the message out of the way, I have a few things for you all. I think this strip from Jackie's Fridge still captures my thoughts exactly.

In case you don't get it, the lady in the last panel is abused.

Next, Light from Deathnote celebrates Christmas. Oh, it looks like he's writing a letter! ...wait, wait, that's not a normal notebook, that's a--

Deathnote is a series about a notebook, where if you write somebody's name down in it, they die.  Guess what Light just accidentally did...

And finally, time to conclude with the conclusion of the Star Wars Holiday Special, where we're treated to Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia singing us a song. And thus, that's the end to Lucasfilm's skeleton in the closet. Man, that was painf--I mean, entertaining >_>;

And with that, I want to wish you all a fantastic Christmas, and may the spirit of Christmas live on in all your hearts throughout the year.

Happy Life Day!! :D
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