Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Want to see Mikey's brain explode? Put an IMAX theater in Portage, IN

Yeah, that subject's right. There's an IMAX theater here in Portage now. I have no idea what it is doing here.

I just want to clarify that I'm not complaining. I'm really not! It replaced our usual theater, the Portage 9, and for that I'm a little disappointed. That theater was so close to our house that I could literally walk there if I so chose. Sure, I could probably still walk to the new one...but it would take considerably more time.

You readers not from the northwest Indiana region have to understand something. Portage isn't supposed to get nice things. This place some years ago was mostly dirt and empty space. Portage actually is the "port town" of Indiana. Look at Lake Michigan, and look around the southern-most tip of it. There's Portage. No, this place doesn't feel like a "port town" at all (where are the fish stands and pirates?), but that's just me. Anyways, a Super K-Mart put in about a decade ago, and people were celebrating. Fast-forward, and Portage gets more stuff. A Walmart (which got an upgrade not long ago) got put in across from K-Mart. Various fast food restaurants and small shops are put in around that area too. Portage High School got some additions to it. I'm not downplaying these, because this is called "progress," and it happens.

But suddenly...an IMAX theater shows up, basically across the street from Portage High School. Portage isn't really a big town. I've always considered it the town between Valparaiso and Merrillville, a slight detour out of the way between them. Like I said, Portage doesn't get "nice things." I don't know how it is in other parts of the country, but around here, we have to go to Chicago, which is an hour away, and over to Navy Pier, where they charge you oodles of money for quite literally everything (their McDonald's doesn't have a Dollar Menu), in order to check out an IMAX theater. And while you're in there...my gosh, the screen is huge, the sound is resounding and pounding, and the seating could hold an entire small town. It's like one of the prominent jewels in Navy Pier's crown.

And now there's one in Portage.

I took Mom over there the second day it was open to see Night at the Museum, and it was enjoyable! I personally thought it was kind of generic and an almost formulaic movie (lots of big name celebrities, simple plot, excuse to use lots of special effects, a family movie with a "feel good" ending), but it still was all right. When I was getting the tickets, though, I was taken aback when the lady said "$22." She suddenly realized something, and started hitting keys ago. "Phew," I thought, "she made a mistake." "I'm sorry, is she a senior?" I admit I fibbed there, and said yes (Mom's a couple years away). "Okay, then it's $20." Freaking...son of a...well, I see the prices are universal with Navy Pier as well...! But the movie experience was nice, though with Mom in the wheelchair, we got basically put at the corner of the screen, and when you're looking at a huge and curved screen, things look a bit weird >_o

Anyways, IMAX...it's nice, it's enjoyable, it's very expensive, it needs traffic lights and a more accessible wheelchair ramp, but I'm...mostly glad it's here. Anyways, I need to get headed out to take care of club things on campus. Take care, LiveJournal!
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