Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Interactive Post

I need some positivity. I don't know if "positivity" is actually a word or not, so hush.

I was going to give a rant concerning anime, something which really bashed me over the head after borrowing some DVD's from a friend. I also wanted to elaborate on the problems I'm facing with the Spanish 102 class. However...I'd instead like to write about something more immediate.

Lately, it just seems like I've been getting constantly surrounded by negativity. From negative people to hurtful things said, bad things happening, things that make me angry, general tones of negativeness, unsaid threats of reproach, climates of depression (not from me, fyi), all coupled with seemingly a sense of tiredness on my part. It's like wherever I'm looking, there aren't any smiles or happiness. It's like the entire world is just telling me :|, :(, or >(

So if it's not a problem, I'd like some :) and :D delivered from the internet. So...LiveJournal, everyone reading, please, I don't know what you're posting in your journals, but at least in the Comments of this post, please put something to give somebody in the world (not just me!) a smile. A picture, a video, a story, or even just a couple sentences that could cheer somebody up. Thanks a lot in advance, LJ!
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