Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Kleenex rocks

Y'know, I think kleenexes are awesome. Have you ever noticed how absolutely smart the design of the conventional kleenex is? You pull out one kleenex...and right there, right there there is another one in its place! Unlike paper towels or toilet paper, they're easily accessible requiring no tearing, and if you need more absorbancy, you just grab another one, which is instantly replaced by another! Not to mention how they're the perfect size for one to blow one's nose with without being too large to be a hassle nor small enough to not get the job done without getting your hands messy. With the right brand, they're also really, really soft and pleasant to the skin. It's like when you're going to blow your nose, for those two or three seconds you're trying to alleviate the mucus from your nasal cavities, you're applying a kitten to your face. I'm telling you, internet, kleenexes are freaking awesome!

...oh yeah, I've also got a cold. Thankfully the worst is over, but there's still the whole "recovery" thing. I'd just like to be in better health by Monday/Tuesday, because that's when school's having a blood drive. Anyways, school's been tough, but I've been doing my best to keep up. Umm...I've also been making ramen for myself lately. The last time I had ramen was when I was desperate for good food at the apartment, and it was like the heavens opened up and shown a light down in that aisle of Super Walmart accompanied by an angelic chorus. Of coures, holistically speaking, it has about the same nutritional content of cardboard, but it's still quite tasty!

And one final thing. The girl in the video below...her name is Ninja Sarasalo. Ninja! Her parents freaking named her "Ninja!" How come my parents couldn't have been that cool? :( Of course, she's from Sweden. I've heard they're different over there. Hey, does this mean "Ninja" is a girl's name now? ...crap, that ruins everything!

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