Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

I become the most powerful man in the world

You know, something random inspired me to contemplate something. "How does glue taste?" Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about the heavy duty, industrial strength, attach-your-doberman-to-the-wall kind of stuff; more like the non-toxic Elmer's glue! They make that stuff non-toxic for a reason, being children are liable to eat anything...but really, what's in glue? There aren't horses in there anymore, right...? Were there ever horses?

Anyways, in a bit I'll be leaving for school for Theater class! I'm seriously looking forward to it. So far, this's been the funnest class I've ever had. It's not every day one gets to roleplay for a grade! XD Okay, it's more than just acting stuff, but I still find the class to be a blast! Last week I was involved in a couple improv exercises, getting to stretch my acting legs, and it was fun! This week's assignment? We have to become some celebrity for a little mock "interview." Who'd I choose? Well, for most of the week, I've not shaved, so that I can have something resembling a beard so that I can emulate Chuck Norris. So what it came down to was my homework for theater was to watch some Chuck Norris flicks, get a sketchy idea of his bio in my head, and go on the internet to watch various clips and Conan O'Brian's infamous Walker Texas Ranger lever clips. I think I've got it down.

Anyways, Spanish class, as previously stated, has had me a bit...well, "intimidated," I'll say. The professor is up there, talking really quickly, and I'm able to understand him for the most part, except for a lot of the important words! >_< Thankfully, a lot of the Spanish I took back in high school is coming back to me...though it's been almost seven years since I was last in there o_o; But know what's bad? During that seven years, I watched a lot of anime and got to know a lot of anime fans and the anime culture. Because of that, suddenly some Japanese's crept into my Spanish! For example, I was slowly reading through a paragraph in Spanish, when I realized I made a mistake, and accidentally said to myself "iie." I mean...that's "no!" It's so freaking basic, and I messed up "no!" Bahhhh! Darn you, nihongo! Shimata, boku wa baka gaijin desu...! Yo tengo un gato marado que se gusta sujetepapeles y marcadores. Je suis Batman!!

Chuck Norris. Got your attention again, didn't I ;D
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