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Answer to prayer

Well...Ryan just came in here. "Noticed what happened?" he asked, in reference to his rpg. He proceeded to tell me that a character had sex with some demon character in there, and blah, blah, blah, other stuff. "Yay," I quietly thought to myself....

Then he asked me how I was doing. Like...doing. Personally doing. Really, really doing. He wanted to know how I was doing. That...meant a whole lot to me. Those were basically the exact words I needed to hear. "Doing any better?" he asked. And this was like minutes after I posted that last one.

I told him what was going on, that work was getting me down, ,etc., etc. I didn't say anything about feeling lonely or being ignored; I don't whine like that. But I know he can still tell something's bugging me.

And he said something else that really brought up my spirits. "Hey, if you ever need to b$^#@, go ahead, all right? We're here for b$%^@ing! *thumbs up!*"

He was pretty surprised to find out what work's been putting me through. He was even more shocked to hear what I had said to the managers at a few points in time, like I wanted to burn down the store (a few occasions with that one) and that I also recently had been doing a running joke of saying I wanted to be fired so I could get unemployment. "Charles, could you fire me?" "No, Mikey. Now--" "Dangit, Charles!! I said fire me!!"

Fallon was shocked to hear what I had been saying to them as well. "So you're going to go 'Office Space' on them, huh?" "...well they haven't taken my red stapler yet...just my dignity. Many times over." "Isn't that more significant than your stapler...?"

Yeah, I actually had been seeing a lot of parallels between "Office Space" and my job. But I know I can't solve the problem by purposely and blatantly slacking off, taking fractions of a penny at a time from them, or just burning down the building (...though that would take care of pyromaniac urges I might have...but still....). Right now the only solution I have is to wait it out and hopefully I can weather this storm out. Just till the end of September...just till the end of September...unless I get fired...but that wouldn't be too bad...but I honestly would prefer to quit over getting fired. I've worked there long enough to get a semi-nice reference from them.

Anyways I'll stop now. Thanks, loyal and sporadic readers, and God bless. :)
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