Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Happy Van Von Hunter Day!!

Yes, everyone knows this day comes only once a year. Some dread it, others welcome it, and some say it's gotten too commercial. But everyone knows about Van Von Hunter Day! I mean, my school, Purdue Calumet, gave us a snow day after this heavy snow fall! A day completely off to celebrate the wonders of Van Von Hunter, nemesis of wrong and hunter of evil...stuff. Yes, it is upon this day we celebrate the anniversary of when Van Von Hunter was brought to us, where he would fight the vile evils of the land of Dikay, including many sealed evils which had been unleashed thanks to the unfortunately named Flaming Prince (who later loses his princehood, so does this mean now he's just Flaming...?).

So come together, one and all, don your adventuring clothes; men, gret a scar on your cheek, show off your chest, and grab an evil-smiting hammer; and ladies, develop amnesia, get rescued, and be the only voice of reason in a mad, insane, but well drawn world. And together!! Go out and hunt evil...stuff! YAHHHHH!!
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