Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Okay, okay, real entry

Yeah, yeah, I know today's Valentine's Day, and after extensive writing upon the subject, I've taken it upon myself to write about it every year. I just want to quickly clarify, though, no, I'm not bitter about Valentine's Day, and I don't encourage others to be either.

See, St. Valentine's Day...mmm, according to Wikipedia, got its origins from the Catholic church, celebrating a man named Valentine. This dude was imprisoned in the year 280 AD after refusing to deny Christ before Emperor Claudius. He went on to apparently restore sight and hearing to the daughter of his jailer, and after he had his head cut off, there were hearts and notes found, signed "...from your Valentine." Now isn't that romantic! Decapitation belongs in every love story! XD

Anyways, listen, folks, something about holidays...is that Hallmark does need to make money, so of course they're going to try capitalize on the day. And yes, people buy into it. But does that mean the original meaning should be lost? No...no, it does not. All right, forget all the "couples" stuff. Today is supposed to be a day about love. That's right! L-word! Love! Love, love, love!! Do you love your parents? Awesome, celebrate it! Do you love your friends? Fan-freaking-tastic, celebrate that too! What about your significant other? You better, now celebrate it! You love your cat? Hug the crap out of it (no, not literally) and keep the neosporin nearby! I'm not one for sappy this-and-that's. In fact...some of you might have seen this...over at Walmart in their Valentine candy section, they have a wrapped chocolate fish in a box that states "You're a Keeper!" Oh that's bad...that's so bad...so bad I had to buy a couple XD

So please, people, stop being bitter about Valentine's Day. Yes, I know what the marketing firms say about today, but I want to state that they're not exactly right, so stop fretting over it. Hee, hee...though I still think Fini rocks, because she essentially wrote to all the people complaining about today, "GEEZ STFU!!" Go Fini! XD But as for me...no, I'm not going to tell you people that. I'm asking all of you to just go out and celebrate love, one of the strongest, if not the strongest force in all of its forms. You don't "need someone" to appreciate it. Take care, all, and God bless!

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