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Well, yesterday was fun. While finally returning to school after a long hiatus due to snow days (how did that happen?), it was kind of welcome. Well...mostly welcome (I don't think anyone really wants to go to school!). For some reason, I was kinda sore throughout the day. Maybe I slept wrong or...I dunno. I'd like it if all my classes had those carpeted floors with those cushioned roll-around chairs and big tables. Yeahhhh, I had that in my Interviewing class, and it was awesome. I admit to dozing off a little at one point! ^_^;

Anyways, yesterday, after classes finally let out, I got to see my buddy Christine. It's not often I get to hang out with her, really. I used to see her a lot more at the anime meetings when I went over there, but being I can't find the time now.... Not to mention the fact our schedules are so different over at Purdue. But yesterday, things lined up, and after sitting and talking for a little, we made the decision. We were going to make a snowman.

We decided to name him Yuki, because Christine told me that means "snow" in Japanese. Some people passed by and smiled, and one girl told us she'd been having a terrible day, but seeing us contructing a snowman made her day. She then gave us pennies for the eyes and a cigarette (pic on the left has the cigarette lit). It's amazing what just going out to play and make a snowman can do for people's day. I wonder if that snowman is still standing today; back over at Wheeler, if anybody ever tried to build anything, it would always get destroyed when nobody was looking by kids who wanted to show how cool they were by destroying stuff. Yeah...they were really stupid.

Whenever I've seen Christine on campus, though, I always try to give her a hug. She's always smiling when I see her, always cheerful, and always perky. But the thing is that...just the other month, her fiance passed away. (not giving out his name for confidentiality reasons) I didn't even hear anything about this, until I checked a random forum I hadn't looked at in forever. I hadn't seen him around campus for awhile, and I was going to ask her...but now, suddenly I find he's gone. It's a terribly sad thing. He was a really cool guy too! Sure, I wasn't terribly close, but that was just because we weren't geographically close. Otherwise, I'm sure we would have developed into great friends. It really shocked me something terrible. Christmas break, and a great guy dies :\ Man....

Anyways, I know this might sound cheesy, but please value all the people you're with, and let them know they're valued whenever you can. Life is a fragile thing. Quoting Kansas, "All we are is dust in the wind."
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