Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Yes...I AM teh l33t!

Last Thursday, one week ago, I went with Hillary over to the Chicago Auto Show. She was totally awesome then, because she paid for my way! Whoo!! We took the train over to Chicago, and I always enjoy that. For all those times I've fumed at trains blocking my way while driving, now I could become the train, and merely just keep going without ever stopping at an intersection. There had been some bad snowstorms the days before, and while we went through some untouched, wild areas, I remarked at the vast fields of blank white snow. They really were quite pretty.

After the (cool!) Auto Show, I dropped Hillary off at Purdue, and wandered around for a little. I realized something while there--much of the snow hadn't been touched. Not a single footprint or a single snowman to be found. It was like nobody had decided to take advantage of the snow! Did no one on campus remember how to have fun in the snow? Well...I decided to take it upon myself to do so. Finding various spots on campus, I wrote such things as, "'Sup, Purdue!," "Hi!," "Purdue freakin' rox!" (ran out of room for the -cks), and "Hi, helicopter" written on the top of the parking garage. The roleplaying group was having their bi-weekly D&D game, and right outside there window was a big patch of snow perfect for viewing from there. So I wrote this now infamous phrase there. And on Monday...I was shown this article.

(the article is found online here) Monday, one of the guys from PUGG flagged me down in the hallway. "You need to get a hold of the Chronicle! Do you remember what you wrote Thursday?" They were scratching their heads, trying to figure out what this mysteeeeerious phrase meant. And y'know...I had also thought about making a big circle and writing near it, "UFO Parking," but I'd gotten too cold. It'd be funny if they thought an alien wrote all that stuff XD

I don't know if the Chronicle meant to do it, but the wording of that article is perfect X3 I wonder if they got a lot of FPS'ers e-mailing them. "d00d 1 #4v3 t3# M4D 5K1LLZ!! 1 4m t3# L33TZ0RZ!!" Apparently, though, I'd unintentionally inspired someone. So much snow on campus was untouched, it was a large white canvas where one could write something to elicit a reaction. It could be a smile, maybe caught in surprise, wondering about some mysterious phrase, stuff like that. Instead...written on this campus of an insitute for higher learning, someone wrote "BOOB." Ohhh goodness....

Don't watch this video around people who are offended by bad language (it contains bad language, fyi!)
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