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I'd say this entry is 100% geek

Well...just quickly letting you folks know, my stint of infamy ended on a terrible note. They...made me sound like some sort of immature graffiti artist talking about how awesome he is, sort of like those people who write crap in bathroom stalls! In the e-mail I sent to them, I talked about being VP of PUGG, how people need to lighten up, learn to play more, regain their child within, enjoy the snow, enjoy themselves, Patch Adams, how useage of l33t denoted silliness and fun, and a brief mention about what it meant. ...then what was the end result? "Daniels was letting the campus know in computer code that he is elite by writing it in the snow for all to see." I'm glad that Jade also expressed similar dissatisfaction in the Chronicle in other areas as well (so I'm not going crazy!)

Also, this comic made me chuckle muchly.

Anyways, lately I've found myself enjoying my credit card more, thanks to the internet. Ebay, Froogle, and Amazon have been places I've frequented, and picked up things I've been wanting for awhile! What've I gotten? The last DVD I needed to see in the Nadia series, split-toe tabi ninja boots (...what?), Haruko from FLCL, a power strip, and comics, among the list. Oh boy, comics. Yes, I'm a 24 year-old man, but I still enjoy them. I picked up the last issue of Zero Hour, which I'm glad I never got, because this one was apparently autographed with a sketch of a green lantern (not to be confused with Green Lantern) on it, and addressed to Gus. Sure, I'm not Gus, but I can appreciate this still the same :) The only problem, though...is that when I ordered the bulk of these comics from the particular seller, he mentioned a discount on the shipping and handling when buying multiple items from him, and being an Ebay n00b, I thought this denoted saving overall, instead of increments added with each purchase, because how many comics can fit in a large envelope, ah? Lots of them. U~nfortunately, because of my lack of close reading, I ended up with around $20 tacked on for shipping and handling. Well son of a.... At least I got a chuckle out of my friend Sam when I showed him the old Godzilla comic I picked up, showing it was part of Marvel continuity, showcasing Nick Fury and SHIELD desperately doing battle against Godzilla XD Oh man...!

Anyways, something I've also been doing recently is taking more of an interest in some "old school" items, meaning 80's anime like Bubblegum Crisis (I know it was produced in '90, but it is such an epitome of the 80's decade), various swords and sorcery titles, plus stuff with cool technology, like Gundam 08th MS Team. Why the inspiration? I've been trying to get ideas for a new game to hold some time in the future. With the unfortunate demise of Rising Sun here on campus, the wind got taken out of my sails, and indeed, tomorrow is set to be my last game held for the semester. Not many are likely to show up, and I could easily just drop everything, but I'm not a quitter. I want to hold at least something of a season finale for my game, where it could either end with a conclusion or a cliffhanger. That sort of thing. I at least owe it that, till I'm able to continue later with players of my choosing. But speaking of players of my choosing, back to what I was talking about. See, this new game I hope to hold later will be with a variety of people I know, while still being a small group. I'd like to use the BESM Revised 2.0 system. I need to get away from complications...get to something simple, something to use that works as a quickly moving storytelling system, instead of everything getting bogged down because of numbers needing to be figured out. Anyways, now I have a group of players of whom I've personally chose, being I've had a lot of frustrations with the Purdue gaming group. Something that shocks me about this particular assortment of players I've chosen, though, is that they are, quite coincidentally, all female! o_O Even the non-geeks who read this entry will know that stereotypically, girls generally don't take part in pen-and-paper roleplaying games! Now suddenly I find myself with an all-female player cast! I've never seen this before! Anywhere!

Welp, I've still got some small amount of homework to take care of before class, so I should attend to that. Take care of yourselves, LJ people :)

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