Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

A day that will live in...outtage

Well, things've been interesting lately. Right now, I'm at the library on one of their comps, because the power over at home is out, and I needed to grab an address that was stored on my computer. Not that I wholely mind, really! I actually love the library, as nerdy as that might sound. Books and books and books lining these walls, almost every conceivable topic one might query, as well as fantastic stories. I'm actually contemplating grabbing something before I leave here, because of the outtage at home. Something to stir the brain juices. Not that I mind the power outtage, actually! In fact, I love them! :3 The power is out, and everything electric and electronic is gone. Out. Pretty pieces of plastic. I have a little bookshelf that is filled with anime and various VHS, plus a binder that one could literally use to club someone with filled with DVD's! I got Maniac Mansion from the NES on my computer, a PS2 with a couple games that need finishing, and my beloved Wii with the on-crack Warioware (which I highly recommend to people...if they aren't uptight people). Yet what is all this now? Pretty pieces of plastic. Oh yeah, shiny disks, angular plastic boxes, and black cassettes with analog tape. But I think people need to get away from "culture" sometimes and get back to a more basic and concrete life, instead of all that is electronically fed into one's mind via television, radio, and computer. Which is why I'm pretty happy to be at a library. While books might also be a form of media themselves, it (at least the good books) opens one's creativity up more, and mostly feeds the imagination instead of feeding upon it (though conventional media does do this too, but it is much rarer). ...and I know this might sound somewhat odd coming from me, being it's been a long, long time since I've read a physical book...except the time I ended up "accidentally" finishing a book, but that's a story for another time XD

Anyways, today in Theater class was pretty fun! At the start of the class, our professor immediately flagged me down, and had me speak to the class and write on the freaking board concerning the snow art/graffiti I'd done! o_O My gosh, people, I was just having fun, how did this become such big news...? Our final is to be a performance at a WWII (World War 2) reenactment, where we are to portray some character from that time period, with us first-years choosing a celebrity. I really wanted to be Orson Welles, because the guy was a genius, and really cool (the fact he set people frantic concerning martians only adds a little to my like of him ;) ), not to mention Brain's voice actor (from "Pinky & the Brain," narf!) based his voice on his impression of Orson Welles. However, I've been told I seem more like Fred Astaire to people...and speaking of uncultured, I outright shocked everyone in the class when I asked, "Who is Fred Astaire?" Don't get me wrong, I've heard of the guy! But I didn't know who he was or what he did! o_O I've grown up very uncultured, it seems, or at least cultured in the non-normal areas. I've shocked many a people when I tell them I knew nothing about Harry Potter! XD (no, not because I'm a born-again Christian) Anyways, instead of looking up Mr. Welles (the voice of Unicron, devourer of planets!!1), I'll be looking into Mr. Astaire, and trying to teach myself to at least half-dance. Part of the push to get me as this character came today during one particular excercise where I got placed on one team in an imaginary dodgeball game, it came down to me and one opponent, when the person in charge told us everything was now slow motion, so when the opposing girl threw the "ball" at me, I bent backwards and did a true-to-life slow-motion Neo dodge, eliciting cheers from the class, and people wondering how the heck I could do that.

Outside, though, the wind had begun to blow hard, and the snow was falling as well. I even had to shield my eyes on the way to the car! I stopped at a friend's place in the area to drop off a couple CD's I'd made for him for his game, netting me extra experience. Who this friend was, I'm not saying, because he has the odd habit of wearing skirts...which he was doing when I showed up. I think skirts are nice in the fact they give extreme freedom of movement, are quite comfortable from what I've been told, and I sometimes like it when girls wear them...though I understand many girls loathe such a girly item, plus not to mention the fact that anime has freaking capitalized on the panty shot. But the point of this mini rant is girls are supposed to wear skirts...but, I'm not one to judge, and if he's happy with his skirt (not a kilt, a skirt), then so be it. Oh yeah, and he had an adorable puppy too X3 I think it was Husky. Its name was Red. He had another Husky-esque dog named Blue! So, like...! When the two dogs fight...it'll, like, be..."Red vs. Blue!" LOLOLOLZ0R!!@

I proceeded back home, accompanied with the Spanish guitar and clapping of "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," then decided to drop in at the Starbucks. Not that I wanted to, mind you. See, at Christmas, one of the gifts which Dad was kind enough to get me were restaurant giftcards, which have kept me happily fed at Wendy's and McDonald's, yet there was a third card, which I don't know why Dad got it for me, and that was for Starbucks. I...am not a coffee person. I find Starbucks to be overpriced, plus it has the stereotypical reputation of being "hip and elite" (not l33t). But I have a card for the place, so I might as well use it, so I dropped in. Approaching the counter, I let the person know my plight. "Hi, I've never been to a Starbucks before, I don't know the 'language' here, and I have no interest in coffee, yet I was given this card. Could you help me out?" An employee who heard this burst out laughing. Looking around inside, I do believe Starbucks to not only be an overpriced café, but also a "culture" in of itself, with CD's and Starbucks paraphernalia for sale (yes, including coffee), a certain language as I said ("cappuccino, frappuccino, Al Pachino, what the--"), plus with the plush chairs and tables accompanied with the light jazzy music, I could see how someone wearing a black turtleneck sweater with thick black-rimmed glasses typing on a laptop could easily fit in. With selling mere coffee and an "attitude" at an accelerated rate around the world at such high prices, I have no problem believing that Starbucks is attempting to covertly take over the world. In fact, we could be in the grip of Starbucks's steamy grip right now, and not even know it. Maybe I should try listening to a commercial of theirs backwards and see if there is the message of "OBEY" hidden in it.

Anyways, finishing up this mail, our power is out. I was told a powerline pole on Swanson Road (a road almost next to our house) snapped and was blown over, with live wires upon the road. My reaction is "Cool!!" I feel bad that Mom isn't able to watch tv, which...is unfortunately almost the only activity which she has, but I think power outtages teach people lessons, like how dependent we can be/are on technology. A new caretaker for Mom came over today, though, and I'm actually staying out of the house a little bit so that they can talk with each other and get to know one another. Mom needs to talk to more people anyways, it can get lonely in our house for her :\

Well, I still have a couple errands that need taken care of, so I'll be off. Thank you library, for letting me borrow this computer and get to speak my mind! :)
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