Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Mikey can't do Photoshop...but HE! CAN! DANCE!

Well, color me surprised. Not long ago, Dad took us out to see "Wild Hogs," and I was honestly surprised to find the movie enjoyable! Judging by the commercials I'd seen, I was expecting a formulaic piece of high-priced film-making, complete with big names hired on just to bring people to the theater. But somehow...it actually turned out good! Sure, some, if not a lot of the jokes were pretty cheap, but it was a movie that you could just let yourself sit back and enjoy it. I also liked the message behind it, that people just need to be free sometimes, and go out and have an adventure with their lives, regardless of their age. What really kinda bugged me, though, was Tim Allen, especially with a shirt he was wearing at times, really looked like my dad! o_O

Anyways, as of right now, I'm officially on spring break. It feels good.... I've actually got a couple projects I've got lined up for myself, including finishing a short AMV for Acen's contest. It won't be anything like what I've done in the past, the song is about 1:30 long, but it'll do for now. After that, I hope to get started on another video or two that'll take much longer to finish. I'm also hoing during this spring break to catch up with some folks. I've been missing Steph's calls, plus been awhile since I've talked to Liz (sorry about that, you two!). Also, next Saturday, I'll be hanging out with Shawn and Markley for Saint Patrick's Day at Bennigans. I can already guarantee...that place'll be packed...plus there'll likely be a lot of drinking going on, but I think instead of their green beer, I'll just have some green water...or maybe Mountain Dew or Green River! Gotta remember to wear green also; don't wanna get pinched!

Also, I've been enjoying the Wii greatly. I borrowed Wario Ware, and that game is on crack...so much crack. But so much crack in a good way. If you have ADD, that game is for you! Raving Rabids, which Dad mistakenly misread to say "Raving Babies," has also been much fun! And I don't mean to sound possessive, but someone's been playing my Wii, but...I don't know who! o_O I started up my game of Rayman Raving Rabids ("DAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"), and found there was another save file...under the mysterious initials of AAA with 17% of the game completed. Weird....

Anyways, I also wanted to send out a request to all those reading.

All right, I'm working on a small video project right now, and I need a few frames of animation edited. However...I don't have the skills needed (nor Photoshop/Paintshop, for that matter o_O ), and therefore am turning to you, internet, for help. It's about five frames I'll need help with. Anybody who can possibly 'shop an anime character's eyes bulging out, plus have someone breathe fire. I'm not looking for anything complicated with these; just to look good. Yes, slightly bizarre request, I know, but you'll see. I will pay you to help me out with this, whoever's willing to take me up on this, no matter where you live. Plus if you live around here, I could even treat you out to lunch or something some time! There's a great Chinese buffet by my place! Anyways...yeah, just wanted to ask for help with that. Thank you, internet!

I wanna do thaaaat...!
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