Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Mom went to the hospital and scared us

Hey again, LiveJournal. Over the past few days, I'd inadvertantly stirred up a lot of commotion among my buddies with cell phones and e-mail addresses. See, Thursday night, Dad and I went out to see 300...which was actually kind of a cool, albeit really bloody movie. When we got outside, we found it snowing. "What the crap!" I exclaimed. "It was 70 a couple days ago!" Once we got back, it was sort of late, and Dad headed off to bed before I did...which is why I was the one who heard Mom next-door start to make raspy breathing noises. I thought it was just snoring, but upon inspection...well, I won't go into description how she was, but she wasn't waking up.

Dad woke up because of the sound of me trying to wake her up, and after inspection himself, he suggested to me to dial 911. The ambulance eventually came, with the medics finding me in my underwear upon entering, and brought her into there. After haphazardly dressing myself, I went out to the ambulance where I stood on the back bumper looking in on them tending to Mom. They thankfully allowed me to go along with them on the way there, riding up front, and it was there that I sent out a mass text message to everyone I had in my phone with a (textable) cell or stored e-mail, asking people to pray for Mom. It was on the way, though, that Mom actually began waking up, though a bit out of it, and the driver heard this on his headset and informed me. And upon entrance to the hospital, when Mom was being escorted out of the ambulance, she saw me and I was quite relieved to see she recognized me.

After some scans, they found that it didn't seem like anything mental, which is another huge relief. The last thing Mom needs is something else mentally detrimental. Mom was obviously none too happy about being in there, and kept fidgeting around, trying to get in different positions. It was just like four years ago right before she had her stroke, milling about her hospital bed and being noncooperative with the nurses. I admit to feeling uneasy about them giving her a sedative...but she was okay. Dad and I went back home after the intial test results came in.

What's a bit surprising is that Mom and Dad were planning a trip to Tennessee this weekend. I'd have had the whole house to myself, and my parents could have gotten out and got some rest and relaxation. It's been awhile since Mom's gone anywhere on vacation, and Dad's been saying for awhile he needed to just get out and get away for a bit. Then the night right before they leave...well, you know.

Anyways, yesterday, with thanks to my college bookbag/handbag, I smuggled Taco up there. I found it pretty funny that my books and supplies made it weigh more than an actual dog ever did! Taco was really happy about seeing Mom (...though not in the least about the transportation), and Mom was too. Then today, we got a call from the doctors saying their final test results came in, and she was okay to go home. She had a bladder infection and her enzymes were messed up, but I think they medicated her to take care of that, and there wasn't any reason for her to stay there.

So we got to take Mom home today against the backdrop of a gorgeous sunset over a line of trees in the distance. Sure, it's terribly cold outside (29 F), but at least things worked out pretty well. Mom's home right now, and when she arrived, the dogs were galloping all over the place, making the excited noises that they do. I was really scared at first, though, thinking that what was going on was the beginning of the end for her. I'm quite glad to see everything's okay now. God was with her on Thursday night, and so were all of you who got my message :) Thank you all
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