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Do you people have any idea what today is?! O_O

As a little kid, I prouded myself on the fact I got into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "before they were cool." Thinking some random cartoon VHS on the shelf over at Box Office video to be worth renting, it turned out...it would lead me into my first foray of fanboyism (...excluding the infantile one of He-Man; that was just embarrassing x_X). I would come to play Ninja Turtles on the playground, see the movies in theater and many times on VHS (except the third one...just ew), love the videogames, and collect many action figures, playsets, and vehicles. I got plushies of all four of them and slept with them. I met Michelangelo (...or at least someone dressed in a costume) at the Chicago Auto Show, and remember wanting to go with my dad there in the first place because of that. Wearing a pin I got from my Burger King kid's meal and a Ninja Turtle bandanna, when Michelangelo said I looked like a Ninja Turtle's fan, I told him, "That's right, dude!" He signed me an autograph, and I gave him a hug.

As time went on, though, even as a kid, I could tell the production values had been declining over the years. Things just didn't seem...as good as they used to be. There was just an endless, incessant stream of action figures continually being churned out, and they weren't getting better, that's for sure. I didn't have cable, so I wasn't able to catch the new episodes being shown on Saturday mornings, and the reruns eventually began to lose my interest. While as a very little kid, I'd get up and spontaneously dance whenever the theme song began playing, all those years later I'd just wonder what rerun it would be. It amazes me still that the original animated series ran for ten whole years, and right afterwards, the ill-fated live-action "The Next Mutation" series began.

I remember thoroughly enjoying the comics as well. One of the first comics I can ever remember collecting was the one where the Turtles came back to their own dimension thanks to Cuddly the Cowlick, and Wingnut and Screwloose were introduced. I sporadically bought those comics throughout the years. I also got the "first edition" collections, the black-and-white ones, where things were a lot grittier than portrayed in the cartoon. People were hurt, blood was shown in spattered inky black, and the writers weren't shy with people dying.

My interest eventually waned, and it was no sweat off my brow as the Ninja Turtles ducked below the public's radar. There were brief moments here and there throughout the years, including the start of the new animated series, but I never paid much attention. And now, something that all started back in 1987 (twenty years ago, people!) is now again set dead-center in the public's focus. The turtles are back in a CG-freakin'-I movie. I know "you can never go home again," but after seeing positive reviews, this old dork is actually kind of thrilled about it! Of course, nowadays, I could criticize them and say they aren't really "ninjas"...but then I'd be breaking the sacred rule that you don't bash the Ninja Turtles! Michelangelo had always been my favorite, both because we shared the name, and he was "a party dude (partayyyyyy!)" I've always found people to have their own favorite turtle, so please, comment and let the internet know!

And in celebration of this monumental day, like the dork I am, for the next seven days these YouSendIt links will be active! Enjoy! =)

The Ninja Turtles TV Theme
The Ninja Turtles TV Theme in Japanese
The Ninja Turtles TV Theme, Symphonic
The Ninja Turtles TV Theme, Acapella
Ninja Rap, by Vanilla Ice.

And prepare for whiplash.

Now you gotta admit...even nowadays, that opening is pretty freaking cool!

(and Liz, I'm not mad at you! o_O where the heck did you get that idea?)
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