Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

"He is risen"

Well, today's Easter. It's a day when candy, eggs, bright pastel colors, and chocolate are generally celebrated. For me, one of the reasons I love Easter is because of my persistent addiction to Cadbury creme eggs. My gosh, those things are rich. Addictive too! People could probably give me a Cadbury egg or two, and I'd be willing to almost do anything for them!

This day is obviously important to me for another reason as well. You could say today is the celebration of the start of Christianity. Yes, naysayers, I know about why Easter is celebrated on this day, with the early church changing the pagan holiday celebrating Ishtar, birth of new life, the rabbit who was able to lay eggs, etc., etc. I really don't care about that, because though the celebration of Jesus' resurrection falls on the same day, I'm not celebrating that.

What I'm celebrating is Jesus coming back to life. With all the media today, miracles oftentimes don't seem as big of a deal to people today. I mean, just look at rpg's and people using life potions on fallen comrades or the people in Naruto walking on water with chakra. But people forget that those are fantasy, and discount Biblical stories as mere fantasy. But the people of Christianity celebrate these events actually having happened. There's no chakra, no magic, no items--they're miracles. The work of God. And though in anime, people come back from the dead all the time (just pick your series, people), when was the last time you heard about someone in your town passing away, then willing him/herself back to life, even after a couple days?

Christianity celebrates a man...no, the Son of God Himself, who actually conquered death, and came back to life by His own power. We don't celebrate the teachings of a wise man who was died following what he believed, but follow someone who is still alive today. That was Jesus' ultimate sign that He was the Son of God, by his physical body dying, then resurrecting it by Himself a couple days later. I'd say that's pretty awesome.
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