Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

We live in a mad world

Y'know, I feel sort of weird that I didn't hear about the Virginia Tech shootings on the day it happened. I'm one who hardly watches tv, and generally I don't watch the news. What's there to hear in the news anyways? "Businesses are corrupt! People are brutal and violent to each other! Politicians don't know what they're doing! Bush is dumb! And now, a story about kittens."

The other day, I received a message on YouTube concerning my "True Heroes" video. The person referenced "the events that transpired today," and I thought he was talking about his own life, and hey, I'm not one to be nosey. However, later I heard someone talking about "that horrible event," and after that, I had to go check CNN.

You know...I think it's terrible what happened. Really is. I personally don't recall hearing about any school shootings in college before. I'm sure that right now and probably in the weeks to come, there will be people putting forth theories, speculations, criticisms, and defenses concerning the whole debacle. I'm sure people are talking about how people should have suspected something, how we need tighter gun control, how we need looser gun control, how God should be kept in schools, how there should be regulated psychological tests, and bunches more.

But you know something? I don't think there's any fool-proof solution. Know why? Because there are crazies in the world. There are lots of people out there who just don't have a proper grasp on life and do crazy things. Quite literally insane things. Some people even go as far as to commit murder! Just the other day, when sitting with Mom, the E! True Hollywood Story concerning Andrea Yates came on tv. She's the lady who went and drowned her five children. Could this have been prevented? Possibly. But honestly, look at the population. If you're somewhere public, look around you. Look at all the people, and point out the one you honestly, truly think will commit murder any time soon. You probably can't do that, because it's an expected social norm to believe somebody won't do something like that! This Cho Seung-Hui was reportedly a "loner," but since when is that criteria for someone who's going to do something like this? This world can be a terrible place, and there are crazies living here. The best thing we can do to fend off tragedies like this are to treat the people who are mentally ill, through therapy, meds, or even just being there for them, as cliché as that might sound.

People criticize Virginia Tech for not having had a better system to deal with everything that happened. I personally think they should have informed the campus that there had been a shooting, but that's where my criticism stops. You don't expect a guy who shot someone to go and cut a bloody swath through the population! If that was the case, I doubt anyone would be alive in Gary right now! o_O And for those who say we need to have things regulated, I disagree there. If we were to have preventative measures in place to ensure something like this would never, ever, ever happen, we'd basically be living in a police state! Metal detectors, guards, and everyone is watching everything everywhere. It'd basically be 1984 in 2007...and even then crazy or intently hostile people could find some way to harm someone. For crying out loud, prisoners have filed their toothbrush handles into points so they could stab someone with them! =\

And finally, for as terrible as this incident is...it doesn't shake me too much. Honestly, it just made me kind of think, "oh...so that happened today?" I know that sounds heartless, but there is so much death, destruction, pain, pestilence, and all-around nasty stuff in this world today that this is only a piece of the picture. 25,000 people die each day from starvation (that's like an average town dying each day), AIDS has killed over 25 million people, the genocide in Darfur has killed more than 2 million (and continues to grow today), and wars have killed millions upon millions. Babies have been beaten to death by their parents, abortions kill so many children, and irresponsibility and negligence cause lots of deaths too. Now please, folks, don't get me wrong, my heart goes out to the people there in Virginia, as well as to all the friends, family, and miscellaneous people who knew the victims. I pray that the people will be comforted and helped through this terrible tragedy, and that everyone will find healing in some fashion. They need it.

To finish off this entry, while I know it might seem like me trying for attention, I'll link my True Heroes video. I just agree with the message...that we all need to treat each other better. I wish the world would be a better place...!

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