Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Scholastic culture shock

Well, the semester is finally winding down. Next week is finals week, and then after that, I'll have a month off before I have to go back to class for the summer. Thankfully, my awesome buddy Jade helped me to register for classes in the summer and fall, so all that stuff is taken care of already! :) With registration out of the way, I can relax and just concentrate on having to take these classes...and, well, get the freaking books -_- Dangit, why do these have to be so expensive?! I know I'm not paying for them...but even still, I find it unreasonable so much money's being spent on this stuff...!

Anyhow, next week, I actually only have to take one final...and it's not really even a "final!" It's just a test over the last chapter we covered in World History, so it's basically just another test. Concerning World Literature, I had to write a paper. And with how wordy I can get, I had no problem putting one together. That class was surprisingly easy! Just...lots of discussion. We didn't even have to read, really, because the discussions we had concerning the material were so in-depth anyways! o_O And concerning Spanish...thankfully I'm out of there for now (until the fall). During a session last week, we were to do certain oral exercises, and at one point we had to make a sentence involving a particular word. Lucky me, he called upon me when we had to use the Spanish word for "plane" X3 "Puedo poner serpientes en un avión," I carefully constructed aloud. It took the class a moment to piece together what I just said. For those of you who don't understand, translate it with Babelfish or something! =)

Finally, this weekend, I have a World War 2 reenactment to attend for my Theater final, where I have to play the part of Fred Astaire. During this, I'll be wearing my gold suit (it was requested by the professor! o_O), and dancing to "Nat King Cole" singing "Route 66." After that, I need to go socialize with the crowds for almost an hour...but the thing is that Fred Astaire didn't talk much! >_< He just...usually danced! I'm just going to go for the suave and gentlemanly type approach with invitations to dance with some people (the person who taught me to dance for the class also taught me the basics of ballroom dancing). So...mm, should be interesting. I'm honestly surprised at how easily this semester is ending...!

Finally, on a more serious subject, I don't know if I wrote about it before...but a little while ago, Dad had back surgery. They injected cortizone into his spine in hopes that it would help alleviate his back pains. It's sad to say that this did not entirely work, and he's to go back for more invasive surgery at some point in the future. They'd install a metal rod in his spine, and he would spend a week in the hospital and six months of recovery. Six whole freaking months.... :\ Dad right now isn't even able to lift Mom up to take her out of her seat or wheelchair like he used to be able to do, becoming more dependent on the caretakers and me. I'm not entirely sure what's going to happen at the end...but hey, I'm not fretting about it like some people might do, because I'll take things as they come, and I'm trusting in God all the way :) Yeah, I know that sounds cheesy, and I know potentially bad things will happen in the future, but that's life. I'll just take them as they come. No other way to take them, right?

Now please excuse me, I've got my next class to get to...which is starting in less than a minute!! XD Argh!! Have a video!

(what is it with anime having naked girls floating in water? o_O;)
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