Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Have a little help when I need it

Well, I know it's been a couple weeks since I've updated my LJ, but I thought I'd at least give everyone the consideration of letting them know what's been happening with me. Well...a lot's happened, and at the same time, not really too much.

The semester ended, and I passed my finals. ...well, at least I'm pretty sure I passed my finals. Maybe even did exceptionally well! At least I can tell myself that. From dancing in a gold suit to writing about religion then answering questions concerning the Holocaust, I think I did well. School is going to be starting up for me again later on in June. I'm determined to take summer classes, because I'd like to get through college as quickly as I can. Unfortunately, I don't really have anything big or interesting like I did this past semester (Theater), but...well, more classes out of the way. With the advice of my pal Jade, the day they're registering for the next semester, go talk to her, and she'll get me hooked up with the good and relevant classes.

Anime Central has come and passed. For those who were curious how I appeared....

The Supreme Catatonic of the Samurai Pizza Cats fame. w00t :3 Unfortunately, I didn't get to do an AMV this year, due to issues taking place in my family life near the deadline, but I'm hopeful for next year. Now I've got an entire year to make an awesome video! Maybe two! =)

Something I've noticed since I last posted is that a lot of people have helped me in my life. Things here, things there, people, whether asked to or not, have risen to help me out. Sure, it's not always been big things, but...I like when people are helpful like that :) Kristen stayed at my place before Acen, and helped me out with some last ditch portions of my costume. Amy, a friend from PUGG, due to a terrible miscalculation on my part, is going to drive a friend of mine to the train station next week. Dad has been willing to pay for a lot of things with me lately, giving no heed to "money." I admit this does make me feel awkward...being a couple weeks ago he spontaneously asked me, "Hey Mike, I want to go to Miami in June. Are you free then? Okay, we're going." So...yeah, while it's nice, don't get me wrong...I'm sure you can all see how I'm a little...I guess intimidated by his spending habits. On the other hand, he's also told me that I should go out and live to the fullest extent. Well...I guess I can't argue with that.

Anyhow, have a vid taken from my time in St. Louis.

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