Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Road trip full of internets

Well, ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow I'm embarking on something of a roadtrip. ...I take that back, it is a roadtrip. I'll be gone from home for almost a week, and during this time I'll be visiting some internet friends.

It goes like this. See, internet friend Astrosnik informed me that there was a convention going on towards the end of May, and that sounded like fun...but she lives eight hours away! In Canada, no less! (eww, Canada!) So at first it didn't seem like something I'd be interested in. But then...I happened to look at Google Earth. Just letting you all know, I love that program. And because I like it so much, I've attempted to plot everyone that I know's locations. Some of you, I've been to your house, while others I know the general location (Australian addresses don't worrrrrrk :( ), and others I looked you up thanks to your LiveJournal information (granted you filled it in). And what did I get? Well, click the link below, being it's there so I don't stretch out your Friends page.

And as you see (...or maybe don't see, because you didn't click), I know a lot of people! But on the route to Astrosnik (she lives with "Hado Ken" right now), I realized, "Oh my gosh, I know about four people on the way!" So...Jenna (Jafax buddy and confidant), Kristen (EST buddy and psychopath), D-Mac (Pizza Cat fan and Christian), and Joe Barborak (internet celebrity) will have me stopping by to say hi. I've always wanted to do something of a trip like this :)

What dismays me, though, is the high price of gas that's recently been occurring. At first I was going to cancel my trip, but Dad was all, "Nooo, no, no, don't worry about it, go on." So...well, why not! I'm looking forward to this trip, and feel free to send me a text message by way of LJ to keep me company :)

Anyhow, it is an absolute gorgeous day out there right now, so I'm going to go enjoy it. Take care, people, and have a video. This cat freakin' flips out!! O_O

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