Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Mom is in the hospital again

I wish I could make an entry on a happier note, but things aren't entirely well. At this moment, Mom is in the hospital again. She suffered through a seizure, and they are currently holding her to do tests. Last I saw her, she was somewhat cognicent, having regained consciousness, and able to respond with simple responses, like nodding and such. She's not been talking much, but that might be because of the drugs. I'll update you on things when I can.

This is basically like what happened last time in March. This time it happened during the day, though, and Dad was there when it happened. Dad suspects it might be another bladder infection, though it's currently unknown. She was supposed to see a neurologist earlier last month, but s/he had to reschedule for some reason. Well...hopefully these people will be able to find out more this time.

So, I'm asking anyone out there who does so to please pray for her. It's likely nothing too serious, but it's always best to be safe than sorry. At the moment they aren't saying she's in critical danger or anything...but at the same time, she's not going to live forever, and I don't know when the day'll be when she'll be gone. This might be a sign of that. So pray for us please....

Also, another not-so-good note is that my previous e-mail address is gone. The people at www.GodLovesYou.com seem to have not paid their bill, and now the site is down, and I've been given little encouragement that it'll be back. I guess it's for the best.... It was fun being unique and having an e-mail address no one ever forgot (neomikey@Godlovesyou.com), but at the same time, it likely wouldn't have stood up to decades of e-mail. I'd say the five or so years it gave me were pretty good.

However, with that address and site gone, I've had to start all over again. I'm now at neomikey@gmail.com. I don't have my address book anymore, and there were a lot of people's e-mails I had, so if you're reading this, please, please e-mail me so I can get everyone. Also, Stephanie, with my previous site down, I've not been able to check my e-mail, so I'd like to know if you got my e-mail explaining myself better.

Well, yeah, that's it. I'm at the hospital right now on a computer that was left on, so I should be headed back. Thanks, people
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