Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Mom is better, but Molly is gone

Well, another not cheerful entry to go in here.... I'll start out with good news, at least.

Yes, Mom is doing better. She's on seizure medication to ensure that that won't happen again. The doctors aren't sure why this happened to her. Her tests all came back okay--no infections, no imbalances, no anything. I'm guessing it's because of her brain wiring being all messed up because of the stroke almost five years ago. I don't know what's going to happen...but the important thing is that she's okay now. She was pretty out of it after getting home. It took her almost a whole day to get back to her usual responsive, cognitive self. She unfortunately bit her lip during the seizure, so that's a little swollen...but if that's the worst of the whole incident, then thank God.

However, it's puzzling what happened barely just after a day of Mom being back. I returned home from going to see Pirates 3, and Mom called for me, needing some help in her bed. I helped her outo, but then I heard a mournful cry from Molly. I knew it was her, because our other cat, Abby, squeaks instead of meowing. Molly was lying in the bathtub (one of her favorite places), and at first I thought she was just relaxing or maybe dreaming, it turned out she barely had any strength in her. She was breathing heavy and I've never heard her cry like that.

I couldn't take her to the vet's office, because it was late at night (Pirates 3 let out almost at midnight), so instead I made her comfortable in the bathtub, lying down some towels and trying to provide her with a cup of water. Even right now, I still don't know what happened. Earlier that day she was going about as usual, but then suddenly last night, she was like that. I don't know if she was sick or if it was just "her time," or what was going on. I know it was unorthodox, but I actually prayed with her. I held her paw, asked God to help her out, to take away her pain, thanked Him for her, and it actually wasn't right until I finished my prayer that Molly took back her paw.

I spent the night in there. I took my blanket and pillow, and slept next to the bathtub. By then she'd quieted down. However, by the morning, she was gone, still in the position I'd seen her the previous night. Thankfully Mom doesn't seem too upset by it, and I'm glad I actually got to be there for her, unlike our previous pets' deaths. But...I'm gonna miss Molly. She was a good cat, the last sociable cat we had. She was a bit flabby, but that was because she retained water (in case she got lost in the desert, apparently). The neighbor kids saw her once before, and instantly started saying amongst themselves, "Aww, look at the mama cat! Hi, mama cat!" She had a soft cry for a meow, and had very soft fur, with people comparing her to a chinchilla or a rabbit. I'm gonna miss her, dangit. Well...I didn't make this post to ask for attention, just to inform you all of what went on, so Comments are disabled. But thanks, all of you, for at least being there in spirit just the same :)
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