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Well, it's been awhile, but my e-mail address still hasn't returned. BlueGravity still has their icy grip on the site, and instead of the familiar purple background with tan and white foreground and a big "GodLovesYou.com" logo in Papyrus font, there's just the white screen with a little black text.

I admit to being disappointed and a bit upset, but am actually happy with myself at how not upset I am. Upon first discovering the aforementioned page instead of the usual one, I followed the couple links provided, then merely went to my "backup." I never thought much of my Gmail e-mail account. I believe I received an invitation to start that from internet friend and recently met Astrosnik. Since then, I've got a couple people who had offered to get me an account set up, and there was even one fellow who enjoyed my AMV's, so he sent me an Invitation. It was just something I "had," sort of like I have that Guild Wars account, a character in Tales of Pirates, and that space that's likely been drawn over untold times there on DrawBall.org. I never thought I'd actually use the Gmail account!

The GodLovesYou.com account has actually been something that's been synonymous with me. For a lot of folks, I've been the friendly everday born-again Christian they know. When I typed in my e-mail addy, I always typed it as "neomikey@Godlovesyou.com," with lowercase throughout instead of the "proper" way (NeoMikey@GodLovesYou.com), except for the G in "God." It was something of a sign of respect, plus my pinky finger was already on the Shift key anyways. I always thought the GodLovesYou.com domain has actually been...kind of neat and funny on a couple different levels. For one thing, the obvious message. Another is the uniqueness, being people usually expect something like Hotmail or Gmail or (...gag me) AOL. And add a dot-com, and suddenly, instant semi-humor. Just about nobody forgot my e-mail address. Just about everybody knew where to get a hold of me, it's there. I got a couple remarks from people over the years concerning it, sometimes "looks" from strangers (you know the kind), but it was...well, the address was me.

In fact, I liked to think that if there was ever a biography written about me, the name of the book would very well be "neomikey@Godlovesyou.com." Through that and even because of that address, I had a lot of experiences and adventures over the years. It wasn't big by any standard, holding only about 25 megs (that's right) of e-mail storage, and that's after they upgraded the size some years ago! I had years and years of e-mail stored within there, with one of the oldest being a letter to the dean of students from the first time I'd gone to college. I put my e-mail address on a couple of my AMV's, and they hardly generated much e-mail response. I think I received...five e-mails in response, maybe less, but I made sure to save every one. However, at least one person initiated contact with me after seeing what the address was on my SPC video.

However, being that e-mail address, well...no longer exists, there've arisen a few problems. For the obvious one, all those posted e-mail links are now defunct. I didn't receive much mail in the first place, and most of these places are dead, but still, once in awhile I'd receive a message from somewhere, like the Edoropolis forums. But now I've got to try to track down where I've been and still want to get e-mail from and change my address there. Not to mention the fact that all those years of archived e-mails are gone now. I had addresses, phone numbers, and many e-mail addresses stored there for reference. It was something of a guidebook and library for me. Now after this couple-week use of Gmail, and I have...seven undeleted e-mails, and two of those are from my cell phone (by the way, huge thanks to the people who have mailed me! =) ).

Well, I know some people might think it a tad silly to hold something of a "remembrace" entry for an e-mail address, but that addy has served me well and true for close to five years now, and there're probably a couple people reading this who I've bugged before if I could hop on their compy really quick to check my e-mail. Through that e-mail I've traveled across to different states, countries and had many experiences I wouldn't have without correspondence. So, neomikey@Godlovesyou.com, thank you for all your years of service. I don't know how many times I've clicked on that Inbox link (it didn't update in real time). At last that link can rest. Now, neomikey@gmail.com...you'd better last me the rest of my life.

Now for one final me-related item, check out a video of some random (and possibly sadistic?) person from an anime con recording the Supreme Catatonic versus its greatest and immortal enemy--STAIRS. No, this was not planned. I just was climbing some stairs because of a lack of elevator (which I wasn't happy about), looked up, and there's someone filming me. Will I make it?

Notice how right after I got up there, someone asked me if they could get a picture. That was quite literally about the frequency of how much I got asked...!
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