Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Party like a rock star

You know what? I like loud guitars...loud, squealing guitars busting out chords at unbelievable rhythms, producing melodies that are pleasing to the ear and also take tremendous amounts of talent. I'm talking about people like Dragonforce, Yngwie Malmsteen, Machinae Supremacy, Extreme, and their ilk. I consider myself a person big into techno, and upon looking through my CD binder, you'll find that more than apparent. But I've come to realize that it's not just techno, really, but songs with power Fast rhythms, intense percussion, heavy beats, and music that just envelopes you and courses its melody through your bloodstream. That's why the genre of melodic speed metal has found its way onto many of my CD's, surprising some people when they find out, "Mikey listens to heavy metal...?"

Many years ago, I found a modestly done but fun AMV of FLCL. While showing a lot of scenes from the series against the soundtrack of the Offspring (it was that one song from Crazy Taxi; I think it's called "All I Want"), the one that genuinely struck my interest in the series was Haruko with her guitar. She was swinging that thing like mad, smashing Naota with it, getting into gun fights, riding it through the air.... You know, she really helped to make this series as popular as it is. It's six episodes, and each every one of them is on LSD- and catnipped-laced crack. But her with that guitar...you know, watching that AMV, I didn't know what was going on, but I thought, "Wow, that is pretty cool...!"

And because of all this, I think that's why entered into the World Air Guitar Championships. Yes, you read that correctly. Tonight up in Chicago at the Metro-Smart Bar, I'm going to get on-stage, and perform for a full crowd. My fingers will fly fast and true, and the sounds of Extreme will course through the bar as I ask the crowd, "Do you wanna play?" And...I hope to do it wearing the chestpiece from my Catatonic costume. You know, I never thought that some day, for at least just one night, I would ever be a rockstar, much less a costumed one. The prize for winning is a trip to New York, where you take part in the Nationals, and if you win there, a trip to Finland for the title of World's Greatest Air Guitar Champion and $1,000. You know the crazy thing, though? I'm going to play the best I can and hope I win. But even if I do win, I'm going to turn the prize down and give it to the second-place guy, because Gen Con is the weekend of the New York one ;D In the immortal words of the kid from Twisted Sister's video, "I wanna rock."

...now does this mean I have to do drugs and drink a lot, and end up in rehab and have a tearful "Behind the Music?" :(

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