Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

More than meets the eye

"Dah, dah dahhhhh...bah, dah nah, dah nah.... Dah, dah dahhhhh...robots in disguise.... Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons. Transformers~...!"

I'm glad I hum songs only loud enough for me to hear it. Otherwise, I'm sure I would have got some quizzical looks from the other students walking the parking lot. You know something, I've never been big into Transformers. It's a robot that can change into...well, it can change. But lately it's been crossing my mind a little bit.

I can understand why. At the Air Guitar contest, I continually kept on getting called a Transformer. Even Bjorn Turoque, the world's most famous air guitarist (and MC of the show) introduced me coming onstage as that. "From the upcoming Transformers movie--!" Of course, I'd likely have to spend over a minute explaining to people that I'm really the Supreme Catatonic, a mecha that originates inside a mountain on the outskirts of Little Tokyo which is summoned by an anthropomorphic mechanical cat (who works at a pizza parlor with a secret identity) via his Magical Ginsu Sword whenever they battle a giant enemy robot which is too tough for them, sent by the Big Cheese (an anthropomorphic mechanical rat/fox who has a seat in the emperor's council, plus explodes whenever he gets angry) in order to disrupt the social order in the city and hopefully lead a coup de'tat against the emperor, thereby becoming emperor himself. Instead, I merely smile and nod. "Yeah. Transformer."

By and by, though, the contest went awesomely. I didn't win, but that isn't important. For sixty seconds, I was a rockstar with people cheering me on. Sure there were some boos, but what do you expect when you're not Slash? Then at the very end, they got everyone and a couple audience members onstage, and we jammed out to Freebird, playing among some famous stars as Nordic Thuner, Painkiller Iggs, and, erm...this guy who worked at a soda shop (and won the contest!).

After I got home, after hearing everybody's accusation at the contest, a thought came to me. "Didn't the animated Transformers Movie have an upgraded glamrock theme?" And yes, yes it did, with a guitar solo and everything. Truncated into 60 seconds, I'm already ready for next year's contest. Oh yes, there'll be a next year (...at least I can hope).

Something else that's been getting in my head is something that happens with a lot of things. It's not necessarily the series itself, but rather the nostalgia and reputation that goes along with it. Come on, you've had to have seen a lot of the same series and movies you did as a child nowadays, and think, "Man...this is actually pretty bad/cheesy!" But for all of how bad it is, you'll still get a reaction out of people nowadays if you hold up your arm and yell out, "I! Have! The powerrrr!"

Does anybody have similar stories concerning nostalgia?

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