Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Gender inequalities

This is something that's been on my mind for awhile now. It's likely something you've noticed as well, but I don't know how many people out there've actually thought about it.

See...well, as much as some might arch an eyebrow at this, I think that men and women are traditionally viewed on different levels unjustly, and I'm not saying "men are viewed better than women" either, because there are issues on both sides. Don't get me wrong, I think in a fashion that men and women really are on different levels. Biologically they're different, mentally they're different, and apparently they're from different planets. But personally I think that, biology allowing, men and women can do anything the other can equally (contrary to popular belief), and should both be respected (this isn't respect) and basically treated on the same level.

How, in our society, especially the media, this is not the case. I'm not entirely sure how to organize my arguments on paper, so please bear with me, granted you're actually reading this. I suppose I'll begin with the media. See, this is where my main beef lies, because it's the media that's basically been telling everyone "these are the roles you should play." Sure, they're not concrete, but overtones exist mostly throughout. Gender discriminations and assigned roles have been around for centuries...actually, make that milennia. Men get the food and the wealth, while women take care of the family and make the babies. Looking at the 1940's and 50's, you'll find a lot of shows and films where these whitebread roles are shown, bordering on propaganda. While these might have worked for some people, and there's likely even genetic predisposition towards these roles to some degree, I don't believe that they're concrete. For crying out loud, back then women could be looked down upon if they wore pants! Pants!! (just quickly, though, that doesn't mean I support men donning dresses, because there should at least be a line somewhere!) I suppose it's similar to the 80's and 90's where punks dyed and spiked their hair and were looked down upon because they were different, but come on, people, looking down on others because they're merely different is stupid. Such a simple statement, and so much truth behind it, am I right?

But to get back on track, the media in all its forms has given people their gender-specific roles. Men are the tough guys. They're the ones who do the tough jobs, get in the cool gun fights, have the cool gunfights, and are powered by testosterone. "Feelings? What the f*** are feelings?! Do I look like a fag?!" Hormones direct their decisions, possibly to the point of perversion, and it's considered a faux pas to turn down sex. However, their wits are usually considered a mite dull when compared to...the women. Women are the thinkers, the ones who are always on top of the ball, and can easily outmaneuver any man in the mental faculties. In virtually any sitcom you watch, it's normally the wife who is the smart one, while the husband has those darn wacky mishaps because they didn't think, right? Women usually don't do the tough jobs or get the cool fights, because they don't have any need to. When was the last time you saw two women slugging it out that wasn't a cat fight, likely accompanied by gawking, drooling men? Also, women like to "show off the goods." Modesty? Hah!! Have some tight clothes and ub3r cleavage-showing necklines that scream, "Check it out, world, I'm buxom!!"

Yes, I understand that these claims are not universal, but you have to admit that when you see these exceptions, in some manner, you might remark to yourself that it's definitely different from "the norm." A guy talking getting touchy-feely about how he feels? A woman who is the dopey one instead? I saw a commercial a bit ago, you might have seen it, where two guys were scubadiving and talking about their phones (which were not meant to be called "phones"), when a woman swims by, says, "Nice phones," and promptly gets devoured by a shark for her transgression. Now I admit to not being the sharpest tool in the shed, but I don't off the top of my head recall ever seeing another incident where a woman was the "off" one. Just look at the many commercials on tv, where men are trying to figure out or do something, then a woman comes along and totally shows them up. While this is for comedic effect ("superior technical knowhow" men being thrown out of their comfort zone by the inferior woman), it is something that is virtually constant. Same thing with violence. Men get the crap beaten out of them on a regular basis! Wham, pow, biff, byoink!! This violence can even come (and usually does) from women! Women hit men all the time, but when was the last time you saw a woman get punched by a man? The only time I can think of is in Family Guy, which regularly casually throws away any and all social mores. I can understand this is likely so as to not promote domestic violence (which is a huge problem in the world), it is still an issue that exists...erm, but please, don't think that means I'm calling for a woman getting punched in the face by a guy. Don't get me wrong, though! I love excellent fight scenes! But personally speaking, I abhor actual violence, and believe violence in media should have a genuine reason behind it (while not being overly glorified), instead of being just merely gratuitous.

The realm of artwork is also a prime battleground. I'm not talking about Michelangelo or Picasso, but contemporary artwork (like anime and comics and stuff). Granted, throughout time, most pictures are drawn for the purpose of being pleasing to the eye. Even if it might show unpleasant subject matter, the artist might at least try to draw it in a manner which would not repulse the viewer. And reality is seen however the artist so chooses, where s/he is fully allowed and even expected to warp reality to some degree to show the subject matter exactly how is wanted to be expressed. Yet many artists warp the female form into being just ridiculous (and usually tacky), and I don't want to sound like I'm being a prude here, but I just have to question the practicality or usefulness of some of these outfits (yes, those attires are normal for them...and should I be disturbed that that many came to mind? o_O ), aside from appeasing horny fanboys. While the male form and various costumes have been ridiculously shown at times (as you can see here), I doubt guys would really take offense to being portrayed as that...er, well, maybe except for that last one o_o; But you have to admit...this all is a bit ridiculous.

I'm also a little disheartened with how some of the female gender dress in real life. Maybe there is something which I don't totally get, but I don't get why some girls just completely forego modesty and wear low-cropped or modified shirts to show off cleavage, aside from getting male attention. I've always been taught that women especially should respect their body and not show it off cheaply (contrary to The Producers). And I really can't see women wearing it for the sake of other (straight) females, because though I might not be a girl, I really don't think girls normally go up to each other and go, "Hey, nice boobs!"

There's the view that it's a man's world and men rule the planet. Feminazis have said, "Have you seen the phallicness of buildings and missiles?!" There are others that think women actually rule the world, if not secretly. "Behind every great man is a great woman." But I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one out there who wonders about gender politics. I know this might not be a huge issue in the world, because the world has continued to keep spinning throughout all these many years and society has continued on despite it all, and heck, I might even be wrong with some of what I think, but I'm glad I at least got it out there.

Anyways, after writing all this out, just to get testosterone out there to sate the rest of the male population, I'll show the best fight scene EVAR!!!!!!!!

IN THE EYE, YEAH!!!!!!!!
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