Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Say what?!

Okay, so a funny thing happened in Theater class....

See, Theater 138 and 238 students (first and second level) are placed in the same classroom. I needed a fourth class to fill in my schedule, so I decided to try out Theater once again. I had a lot of fun last time, got to meet some cool people, and though I didn't like entirely everything in the class, I still found it an enriching experience. So...Theater 238, Acting II, for me.

...but what I wasn't expecting was for me to be the only 238 student in there. Oh, it's at this point I should let you know that generally the 238 students have more responsibility, more points graded on them, more things to do, and also have a large project for them to work on. You know...for all the 238 students to help out on, conglomerate upon, contribute towards.... I just wasn't expecting that I would be the whole 238 class!

After the class let out, Professor Channing talked to me about previous projects. After she had gone on for a bit, I had to stop her. "I'm sorry...but just letting you know, when it comes to plays and musicals and all that, consider me completely illiterate."

"Oh, so what kinds of things are you into?" she asked.

Well...I was honest. I started talking about anime and a couple titles out there, and at one point she even saw a picture on my cell phone of my Supreme Catatonic costume. She commented that it was a good Transformers costume, and I kindly corrected her, informing her of its Samurai Pizza Cats origin. She then asked me to tell her about this "Samurai Pizza Cats" show.

I won't go into all the detail...but just in case you're skimming through your LJ Friends page or want to get to the gooey part of this entry, my assignment is that around the middle of October, I am to recreate an episode of Samurai Pizza Cats in 15-20 minutes for 3-5 year olds at the Children's Center. No, that was not typoed. No, I'm not crazy. Yes, I think she's crazy...at least a little.

I'm really excited about this project, as well as terrified! Thankfully, the next class a week afterwards I found out there is one more 238 student who's joined up, so that's something of a relief. Unfortunately...I need some more people. Professor Channing told me I could recruit some of my friends (...though keep it limited), as well as see if anyone from the 138's is interested. Plus I need to decide which episode I'd like to recreate, so I need to watch some episodes. Now when was the last time someone's assignment was to go have a Samurai Pizza Cats marathon? :D I love school now!
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