Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

School daze

I know that it really has been awhile since I've posted onto here, and I blame school. Yes, there are more reasons than that, but I'm going to just blame school >_> Scapegoats are easy like that.

...well, truthfully, school has taken up a lot of my time during the past couple months. Studying, projects, and papers have dominated my time and continually been on my mind, seems like. This semester has actually really surprised me, because it's been surprisingly difficult! While the professor is easy-going, the class has caught me off-guard on a couple occasions. Economics ended up being a paper tiger -- the professor talked big around the start of it all, forced everything into our heads...then ended up being far easier than he'd been making it out to be! There are a number of students in the class, though, who don't understand it too easily (even with "cheat sheets" during tests), and haven't been doing too well. I consider myself blessed for picking up this stuff easily enough.

Something that hasn't gone well, though, has been my Communications Theory class, which...well, it wasn't good. The professor was very, very picky about what people wrote down, even going as far as to deduct points on the usage of exact wording and grammar. For those who regularly read my journal, you've seen I'm very particular about my writing and following the rules of the English language...yet I got points deducted for writing things like "media is" instead of "media are!" (he was the first person I ever heard use it like that!) Granted, I admit I slacked off a little around the start of the semester (I unfortunately usually do anyways), but he's continued to kick my butt for this entire time. Once I even skipped Spanish class (it was the class right before) so that I could study hard, study hard, study hard, then took the test and (save for one question) answered beautifully, and barely made myself a C >_< I even studied the exact material he told everyone would be on the test!

So I dropped the class. My life is better now.

Something that'd also been hanging over my head was that recreation of a Samurai Pizza Cats episode for the Children's Center. Ladies and gentlemen...it happened on Monday. We performed it. And it was a disaster...and it was awesome!! XD Cues were missed, issues were had with changing costumes, people accidentally talked over one another, lines were forgotten, and the kids did general kid things during the performance. But at the end, everyone went away happy they did it, the children liked it (when they were paying attention...), and my professor agreed when I said, "It wasn't a complete disaster." My friend Fawn said that she didn't want to help, but she did want to go so she could laugh at us. But then...she thankfully decided to film us on her digital camera so the entire internet could laugh at us! I laugh at myself all the time, so heck, yeah, once I appropriate the footage, I'll edit it and upload it onto YouTube myself! Botched SPC play for the win! Like a member of the SPC fanbase forums said, "Disasters are part of the Samurai Pizza Cats. Remember when the writers went on strike in the middle of an episode, and the Pizza Cats ended up crashing into a mountain?" I find it hilarious how that episode, written over a decade ago, ends up being relevant now.... XD

I believe that all the big stuff is behind me now, and for the next month-plus left of school, life should be easier and more laid back for me. I still really don't like the fact I dropped that class, but it was necessary. It wasn't worth almost killing myself with homework and stress over :/ Oh...speaking of the future, my parents are actually going out of town around Thanksgiving, going to visit our relatives in Washington! I get to stay here and keep the fort down! Whoooooo, the house to myself for awhile! Boo-yeah!

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