Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Happy love day!

A.k.a., "Happy VD!"

Well, it's February 14th again, so I suppose I should make a post. It's been...geesh, a long time since I've made a post in here. My apologies to everyone who's been wondering what's been going on with me! School's been going okay, though it's been sorta tough, but I'm doing okay. ...'least I hope I'm doing okay!

Anyways, a lot of people take February 14th, the celebration of the beheaded rebellious Roman in love with the jailor's daughter, as a time to be ub3r sappy and dote over the current "love of their life." Well, they can do that as much as they want to...but I want to express to everyone that I wholeheartedly believe society as a whole has lost the meaning behind this day...but I'm sure all of you knew that anyways.

So, I want to make this post imploring all of you to take this day as a time to celebrate love. Romance and stuff is good and all, but there's more to love than just that. You love that double cheeseburger, don't you? You love clothes that just came out of the dryer. You love kittens. And you better love your friends. So I'd like to ask that you all please take this as a time to celebrate love in all of its forms! Today is NOT supposed to be "Singles Awareness Day." Today is NOT a conditional holiday. And you are NOT alone in this world. If you're reading this post, it's because you're a part of my life somehow, and therefore, to a certain degree, I love you. I love all you guys. So...go out there, and share your love with other people out there, and let people know how much you care. Love ya! ;D

P.S.: Belated mega happy birthday to Liz!

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