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"Bob Dole doesn't have to take this kind of crap! Bob Dole's a cyborg!"

Well today was...um...I don't know. Adjectives fail me. ...it's not that it was unbelieveable; I'm just not bein' creative right now.

I started with waking at the Price's. I accidentally fell asleep over there. I jogged back to the apartment (I had jogged there the previous night), and not long after I arrived Ryan came back from work. Whee!

I received an e-mail from Telephone Icecream, the anime in which I'm auditiong to voice act. They sent me a couple lines to read, and I plan on finishing them and uploading them to their server after I finish with this post. I'm not giving you people the link, because I think I still need work, and I don't want you pointing and laughing at me until I've hopefully qualified (pointing and chortling are permissable only after that).

...and also, I think Bob Dole is a neat guy. That quote is not referring to him as geriatric.

I went to work again today. That's actually a big accomplishment for me. Last time, the plastic-wrapped-spoon-jammed-into-the-head night almost made me quit. There was a lot happening during that night, and being badmouthed and mocked and pushed around at every single turn by your manager isn't something that does well for the self esteem. I don't want to go into further detail about that night, because I think there is too much about which I would have to write, and it wouldn't be to a lot of avail...unless, uh, you like reading depressing and angsty entries. ...and I don't like doing those...unless they actually have a point (it has to be a life-bettering/moral/helpful one! ...and you, stop calling me cheesy....).

Work was okay. Everybody who had worked with me (sans the manager) was there tonight, and was surprised to see me there, and to my actual shock, every one at some time came up to me wondering if I was okay now. My response mostly was "...well I didn't quit." ...does that say enough? ...ah well.

In related news, I have a bet riding on me. Yeeee-up. If I do or don't work out my last two weeks there, one of two people will get a six-pack of beer. I...uh...honestly have not much of an idea what to say about that. "Okay"...uh, that sum up enough? No? I think that might have been what I was aiming for.

The other night I got the chance to play the old Nintendo. The original one. Yup, with the blocky cartridges. And man I've lost my edge. I used to be a hot gamer back in the day! ...but now...I was like dying at every single turn. "Bubble Bobble", as much as I like the different remixes of it...actually has very annoying music. It's like the music at F.A.O. Schwartz! It just doesn't stop!

Two more people have been added to my readership list as of late, and they are both from the same place, #rpgcomics. There's Sam (same one I wrote about earlier, now new, improved, and with livejournal!) and Sketchee (you're on livejournal!). Both are folks I've talked to many a time. And both are usually both people that I find awake when I get back from closing at work, usually because, well, a.) Sam lives in Europe, and b.) Sketchee's just a late-night person. Well, yeah, you Jeff are awake there too. ...but I think that might actually be it, aside from Ian at times. Yay talking about what only four people reading this actually understand!

I think I'll stop writing this post for now. Oh, just quickly, for the first time in my life, there's somebody online wanting to send me a present for my birthday. Agh!! This just sort of...um...shocked me, actually. People online...don't...normally send gifts to each other...uh, do they? Or am I just an insensitive jerk...?

*goes off to the sunset to be an apparent insensitive jerk, and go cry in the dark, because he writes angsty and depressing emo entries...or not, actually--in reality I just pressed the "post" button*
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