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"...'uh? What? Who's there?" It was dark in my room still. It took me a few seconds from wondering who was there to what she was doing in my room.

"It's been awhile, you know," another girl's voice sounded. "People on the internet have been wondering what's happened to you."

"What're you talking about?" I asked, panic starting to sink in. "Wait, why can't I move?! Hey!"

"It was a precaution~...!" The lights came on.

Scared yet? You will be....

"Oh holy crap!!"

"Mi~ke...!" the one with the chainsaw sweetly said. "You have something to do!"

"Update your LiveJournal," the one with the hacksaw said.

"Update your Livejournal!" the others echoed.



Well, honestly there really isn't too much to report, aside from "school." My classes have been going all right, though they've kept me busy throughout this semester. Thankfully, though, my classes have slowly been dropping off.

My Audio Production class has finished up. There wasn't any final in there; all we had to do was finish our final project, which was a magazine show, i.e. we get a half-hour to make a show about whatever we want. I was the odd one out in class, though, so I didn't get a partner...which at first I thought was a big bummer, bringing back memories of gym class, as well as putting all the responsibility of making it on me, but then I realized, "Wait, this means I get to do the show about whatever I want! Awesome!!" Thus the genesis of Internet, the Show. It'll be uploaded online later in the summer on the class's website (I'll make link later).

My Computer Graphics class has admittedly been something of a disappointment, but I'm not complaining...well, too much. Instead of working with Photoshop and such like I expected, instead it was...well, placement of graphics and text with Quark Express, and that was it. For every project, I made sure to raise people's eyebrows, just because we were allowed to make whatever we wanted :D Thus the birth of the CD cover for The Fluffy Kittens, debuting the release of their new album, "I Love Unicorns," complete with flames, ninjas, and a hardcore font. Also I made a take-out menu for Ninja Burger, plus a newspaper front page for Giant Robot Times ("Marauding giant things still a problem in Hammond"). But that class...sheesh, really I could have completed that course weeks ago, because after our last project was done, we were done. Welp...I'm done!

Newswriting has sucked eggs, but at least I'm getting out still alive. I took the class thinking that it would be easy and it was something to fill in a slot, but honestly, it's been difficult, because of how hard the professor grades! Granted, he has a reason to (if you're writing in the newspaper, there is no room for errors), but...I'm not a Journalism major o_o; So my Broadcasting mind has been doing its best to keep up, and I was informed I'll be leaving with a C. Well...I don't like C's, but I'm not failing, so thank God!

And finally, Spanish...hah hah hah, I've been doing well in it! ¡Yo hago muy bien! I didn't want to take four semesters of a foreign language, but my major dictated I had to. Thankfully (oh my gosh, thankfully...), the class wasn't like I first heard that it would be, i.e. everything in Spanish, and I believe I'll be getting out of there with an A. While I didn't like taking the classes, it still is nice to know Spanish...though understanding and keeping up with what native speakers say is another issue x_X For my thoughts on foreign languages, I direct you to here.

Well, there's not really too much to talk about...except for my top secret video project, which will hopefully be publically released later this month. I've a feeling it'll be famous...at least kinda. Thirty-five different series went into the making of it. Aigh!! I don't know how some editors can put literally over a hundred into their videos.... x_x;

Anyways, you all take care! And sorry about the lack of update, but aside from what I've written here, there's really not that much to report on. Hopefully as the semester gets out and summer begins, things'll be picking up (like conventions, Air Guitar, etc.)! You take care, everybody reading this, and I hope that you're all doing well!
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