Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

And believe me, I am still alive

Hey again, folks! I know it's been awhile since I've updated here, but honestly...at the risk of sounding like a broken record, there's not been too much to really report. I've been going to school, I went to Anime Central at the beginning of May, got to hang out with my buddies Kristen and Liz, and recently went to Jafax (where, for once, I didn't volunteer). My dad also retired last month, he's really thankful for that, but at the same time, his back's been getting worse. He recently had surgery for it, and while it did help him, he's rather pessimistic about the results, and expects he'll eventually need spinal fusion (and that's not good). With him being home more now, he doesn't have to spend so much money on Mom's caretakers, but he still has folks come over to help her, because of all the lifting involved in transporting and taking care of Mom (no way he's lifting her up with his back). Though I can't be home as often as I'd like (summer school, and all), I still help out whenever I'm able to at home. Anyways...that's been about it. I'm sure most you people reading through your Friends page have probably ignored this block of text, so it's time to break it up now! :D

My newest music video is finished and on the internet now. It competed over at Anime Central and Jafax, and while it didn't win at Acen ("a close second," I was told, though!), it did win over at Jafax -- it won Best of Comedy, Audience Choice, and Best of Show :D :D :D While I got three faux engraved glass trophies for it (you can barely make out one on the shelf by my knee in the pic below), I was also given the entire Deathnote manga. Deathnote's actually a series I semi-regularly tried to keep up with, ever since my buddy Biccy introduced me to the online scanlations, and since then, I usually grabbed a cookie or something at a B&N, then read a volume in the cafe. Having the whole series now's kinda a treat! I also won a, um...zip-up tie which I honestly wouldn't be caught dead wearing in public.

I don't know how L sits like this all the time....
(blatant L pose! :D )

I uploaded it onto YouTube a couple days ago after a lot of delays, didn't get any response for awhile, I went and took a nap...and the next time I checked my e-mail, I suddenly had around 30 comments, and they kept coming in. Right now, the vid has about 2,000 hits, and it's barely been three days! o_O I knew I'd edited together a good video, but I wasn't expecting such a ravenous response (thanks, Risembool Rangers!). The video took me about 2 months of work of watching anime, downloading/ripping footage, and editing it all together. My girlfriend made all the original animation. And overall, we're quite pleased...and so is the singer! (I met him at Acen, and he hugged me when he found out who I was! :D ). I hope you all enjoy it as well! =)

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