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I suppose I should write something in here. I've not written anything since...geez, July. Well, hello again, internet, it has been awhile. This semester has been completely kicking my butt, but I've been getting through it okay. However, there's something that's been going on. It's something obscure. I dunno, some of you might've heard something about it. Some "election" thing with these two guys.

Well...it's been made plenty and totally clear I don't like politics. I hate politics. HATE politics. I don't keep up-to-date to a lot of the goings-on in the world and don't take an overt interest in politics and promises and such that candidates might make, because I know no one's ever going to be totally right and no one's ever going to be totally evil, because with politics -- and moreso with its factions' supporters -- it's all subjective. However, something that I've never, EVER liked is how ignorance plays such a big part.

Before I get into that, though, I want to point out something. I don't trust the government, I don't trust television, I don't trust newspapers, and I certainly don't trust Fox News. Everything is subjective nowadays, there doesn't seem to be anymore objective truth, and our leaders will stand in front of millions, if not billions, and tell the world that everything is fine and okay, while our country is on fire. Media outlets all have some sort of spin and angle to them, and it can be argued everything has a spin to it. However, in our world, all media outlets are controlled by someone. You can't completely trust any media today, and all news I get, I take with a grain of salt. I trust the internet and YouTube for my news, and even then I don't take its word as 100% truth.

Issues have arisen in this election which are all-too familiar. Ignorance. I've seen people so indoctrinated that they refuse to accept basic facts concerning the simplest of items, and I don't know why. I've heard it propogated that Barrack Obama is a Muslim, when I KNOW this isn't true. When I say this, I'm not talking about the occasional person who appears on tv that people say "lol they're crazy." There is a woman who will remain nameless that's close to my family who once was talking to me about how she doesn't trust Obama, because a.) of his relations to Islam and b.) he might be the antichrist. While granted, who knows, both might be true, but with that first part -- so what? What does it matter what a person's religion is? Please understand I'm a born-again Christian and saying this. It doesn't matter! He's not trying to join a church, he's trying to lead a country! We've already got one president in the White House right now saying he's "being lead by God," and he's sucked as president.

What angers me is that "my people" have garnered themselves a terrible name during this election. Granted, Christians (or at least in-name) have done terrible things throughout history and have received extremely harsh criticism for it all. What really upsets me is how Christianity, Christians, and "Christians" seem to have become synonymous with "ignorance." I've seen a video of a woman saying she's voting for McCain and Palin, because they're Christians, and her pro-Obama husband is making the "wrong choice." I don't know what McCain's faith is, but I know Palin's big thing is that she's a fundamental Christian, and apparently that makes her "qualified" to run the country.

Ladies and gentlemen, as I've already stated, I'm a born-again Christian. I walk with God day-by-day and have conversations with Him. I'm also the president of the Purdue University Gamers Guild. I've also been moderator and host for chatrooms before. If this election's taught me something, it's that I could be vice president with these qualifications. I am not, however, qualified to run this country. Granted, I like to think I could do a lot of good, but unless God uploads some knowledge into my brain Matrix-style about complex issues like intercountry diplomacy, war, economic policies, and everything else that goes with politics, I doubt I'd ever be a good leader for the USA. Now because Palin was a town mayor, a state representative for a bit, and most importantly, is a fundamental Christian, she's suddenly qualified.

NO! She's NOT!

I don't know how the media is putting a good spin on her. Yes, she does possess some qualifications, but about every time I've seen her talk, it's been nothing but me feeling embarrassed for her, as she stumbles over her words when pressed with issues and questions she doesn't know how to answer.

Something that also upsets me is McCain has been running one of the sleaziest campaigns in history, making up facts and throwing accusations at Obama without even paying attention to whether it's real or not. All great lies have a facet of truth in them, but he's gone ridiculous! Get a dark background, maybe make it red, show some slow-motion black-and-white pictures, have a scary announcer voice, put up some words and quotes in really big letters emphasizing what the scary voice is saying, and apparently that's what politics is all about. What upsets me more is that these smear ads actually work.

At least there is ignorance on both the Republican and Democratic sides, though that is hardly a comforting thought. A radio show did a bit where some random people from an unnamed city were questioned about who they were going to vote for, and they answered Obama. The announcer then asked them some questions, switching Obama and McCain's views around, and they people blindly went ahead with it. "Yeah, I'm okay with Obama keeping our troops in Iraq! However long it takes!" "No, I don't have a problem with Obama taking Palin to be his vice president." Geez, I don't pay attention to politics, but even I know better!!

Our country's doing poorly. I don't know the legitimacy of Obama's promises, because this is politics. You can tell people that you'll make the sky rain magical chocolate pudding that will fuel your cars, feed the hungry, and resolve all of our country's other problems right down to that annoying pebble in your shoe, because that's exactly what the populace wants to hear and they'll vote you into office. Obama sounds good, but he's going to have to prove himself to me. The history of politics has made me a continued skeptic, and I'll continue to be one until the day I die. However, I must admit...he sounds a whole lot more credible than McCain.

Oh well. In this world of ours where everything is fake and the fake is real, who knows where the real truth lies. Who else wants to move somewhere less politically bothersome? Like Luxembourg!

P.S.: Don't watch Fox News. You'll kill your brain.

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