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So, ladies and gents, as I had hoped, Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama has won the election and is our "president-elect" (I've noticed people love referring to him as that now). It's a good feeling and I fully admit to being very relieved when I heard he won. As I stated in a previous post, I don't fully trust politics, politicians, or the media, because every one of those is controlled by someone or something else, and who except the people themselves can really separate the facts from the lies? Remember that everything you see and hear in the media comes from someone else first!

So, Obama won. The world celebrated. Even in Japan, they had an interest in the election and the candidates (weird, huh?). I wanted to go to Grant Park to see the fuss, but I was stuck in group work for an assignment...and later, I found out that place was nuts (I merely was in the area of Obama's Highland rally, and traffic was frozen in place!). However, something got me thinking...and of all things, it ended up being a South Park episode.

I've literally not watched South Park in years. The last time I took an interest in it was when I downloaded an archived episode dealing with the Church of Scientology and showed it to my friends. But Wednesday night, after watching The Daily Show and the Colbert Report, South Park was on...and what do you know, it was a pretty fun episode! And while the plot was, as usual, far-fetched, it seemed to me like it could have the potential for truth. It spoke of this presidential election as having been a scripted conspiracy.

I like to joke around that our country is "teh awesomez," while I know everyone in the world hates us and "American" has even come to be an insult on the internet used by non-Americans (please, other countries, stop hating all of us, because we're not all bad! =( ). Our country is really not supposed to be like that, though. Our country is very much ahead some others out there -- even a lot of others! -- but we still have a lot of problems and our government does a lot of things wrong. And now "Change" (capital C) has come to America. All hail the conquering hero.

I have to ask, though, if this was all set up. Looking back at almost the last decade, this all seems rather...well, it kind of seems like a made-up story. There's likely no actual credit to this story, but please hear me out.

In the year 2000, a new president is elected, the infamous George W. Bush ("Dubya" for short). The electoral college is stupid and gets him in office. For the next eight years, he ruins the US's reputation and ruins the US. If you wanted to stretch, you could even say 9/11 could factor into all this. It changed the world when it happened, you can't deny it, and it also set the stage for a lot of the policies that Bush implemented, most notably, the Iraq War.

Finally comes 2008 and even in places like Barnes & Noble, they're selling flip calendars counting down the days till Dubya is out of office. It's Bush's last year...and it's campaign time. The campaigning becomes very heated and everyone is getting interested in it. Some candidates fall by the wayside until it's down to Hillary, Obama, and McCain. Mrs. Clinton, while I'm sure she had good intentions, came off as a bit crazy, denying till the bitter end that she was losing at all. However, she finally ended up supporting Obama at the Democratic National Convention. Finally...it came down to just the two candidates we've all come to know quite well.

People are all supporting Obama, while stereotypically (not calling you, if you are), the crazy and ignorant support McCain. He lays on a campaign of fear and attack ads, sometimes telling outright fabrications and doesn't just bend the truth, but twists it into a swirly straw. Granted, both parties pointed out the absolute worst in the other and took advantage of any opportunities they could, even if that meant deceiving the people to some degree, but McCain's statements and claims were most prevalent. His credibility comes highly into question. And then...come the vice presidents. Obama selects Biden and McCain...oh my gosh, Palin.... I'm not privy to much concerning Biden, but apparently when he speaks, he perks people up and they say, "Sir, yes, sir!" And Palin? Well...she makes me uneasy. She's absolutely saturated and dripping with ignorance, if not outright stupidity. There's a video of Matt Damon voicing his concern over her going into office. The crazy thing is that her low IQ was actually partly covered up until after the election was over! Both she and him make ridiculous claims. Socialism?! The "Real" America?! What the crap?! Fear is prevalent on both sides if the other one wins. "One thing's for sure: the person you disagree with is going to ruin the country."

And in the end, the country celebrates as McCain is dumped aside and Obama wins. However...it's almost like the Republicans/McCain supporters destroyed themselves. For the past eight years, Republicans themselves have become villainized. I have to ask how Bush was allowed to wreck our country so badly. Sure, things can get by, but is it possible that one man, even if he is the "leader of the free world," could hurt our country so? People want him out. And then the Republican party's presidential nominee ends up basically immolating himself and chances for office with the claims and decisions that he's made. McCain has been turned into something akin to a comic book villain, while Obama has been compared to something of a "religious experience" with some people. Yes, I'm serious.

Again, there's honestly not anything there, but it seems like things have fallen conveniently into place for Obama to be put into office and the world loves him. I don't know if there's something else going on or if he was placed into office for some reasons, maybe by the Patriots (starts at 6:12), ARIA, the Freemasons, the Illuminati.... Granted, those first two are fictitious, but I could easily see this putting of Obama into the White House as part of an 8-plus year plan by some unknown organization for some unknown reason. It could be this "New World Order" conspiracy theorists have been frothing at the mouth about for years now. Who knows?

Once again, there's likely nothing to it. It might be that I've just seen too much sci-fi and played too much Metal Gear Solid, but I like to have an open mind. There's nothing I can do if there really is some high-level conspiracy going on, so in the meanwhile, I'll hope that Obama takes care of our country and things start to get better.

"Boom, baby!"

Roll that beautiful campaign footage!
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