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I can see the light

It's come to my attention that in not long, December will be upon us. Of course, the passing of time and the changing of calendar dates mean a variety of things to people, and December to me means that the semester will be ending.

This semester has been a long and hard trek, which is rather surprising for a semester which has required hardly any studying, replacing it with lots and lots of work. However...my Television Production class is virtually finished. I did my final project -- a music video -- weeks ago, and while I was disappointed with my actress's performance, I was happy with the overall product. Scriptwriting -- this semester's nemesis so big, it could qualify as a Kaiju monster -- is almost over. The script project we've worked on all semester has been turned in and finished, and after our group gets it back from our professor to do some revisions, we're basically done. The other classes still have some fight in them, but they're not as important now.

This semester has been rough on me, and throughout it, I've used the phrase "kicking my butt" to describe it. It feels good to almost be done.

This semester has also been important to me, because of my interactions with our notorious professor, Mary Beth O'Connor. She teaches Scriptwriting, and if someone hadn't filled in for her for Television Production, she'd have taught then too. Literally feared and spoken of in whispers on campus, she is known for having made people cry during their projects in TV Production, namely once a military veteran. She's had years of experience in various forms in "the business" (TV and movies), as well as knowing how to survive in television mecca Los Angeles. She's a rather unusual woman, having assigned us the documentary-like "Star Trek Memories" by William Shatner for our "textbook" in her class. Surprisingly enough, while it taught us more than we ever wanted to know about Star Trek's origins and The Original Series' run, it taught us everything we needed to know about the television industry!

I've braved the rumors and talked with her personally about my own videos, and for a woman who almost brags about how much she'll make your paper(s) virtually bleed with red ink, concerning my videos, she just said, "...they're good!" "Any criticisms at all?" I asked. "No, not really...well, save for that Christmas caroling video. The camera work was terrible there." It's a good feeling to know, and while still fearsome, I do find her rather wise and take any advice she gives me to heart.

Since yesterday, my Uncle Phil from Washington has been staying with us. It's kind of unusual, being that he's only staying until Saturday, when he has a super early flight back. During this trip -- no offense to him -- I've found that he has a super short attention span when it comes to something not related to his interests. "This video's boring," he said, concerning most the videos I tried to show him on YouTube. "Brevity is the soul of wit," he quoted, concerning most of his favorite videos.

Today, we're going to take Mom to see "Bolt." Recently, I caught "Dinosaur" on television, and while I found it was rather pretty...I thought the writing was terrible. "She's a love interest, those two going to fight and he's going to win "unexpectedly" in the end, they're all going to make it through...and hey, the meat-eaters are villainized. Wow, they don't even get voices...." It's because it's Disney, the epitome of movie formulas, and somehow, I suspect after watching Bolt's preview, I have a sketchy idea of how the movie will work. For those that want to, read on ahead!

Bolt has only known the television industry all his life and takes it to be reality, as stated in the preview. One day, while filming a two-part episode that ended on a cliffhanger, Bolt escapes, believing it to be real, and that he must save his owner, Penny. Meanwhile, there's the possibility the studio is suffering from financial problems or maybe it's headed by some unscrupulous management, and if it is, it's likely a dude.

Bolt comes across a cat, likely a stray that people find bothersome, and believing her to be somehow linked to his show's villain (because she's a cat or has similarity to the main villain's cat), "captures" her with the leash to take her along and get information. Being that she's female, she's the straight character, and constantly points out how stupid and crazy Bolt's shenanigans are. During their wanderings, they come across the hamster in the ball, Bolt's number one fan, who fuels his ego with his over-the-top praise. They go have adventures, following misinterpreted clues and nods towards where they believe Penny is, and due to series of coincidences, Bolt believes he still has the super powers he had on his show. The three of them come closer together and the cat realizes Bolt isn't such a bad guy and he, likewise, warms up a bit to her.

However, there comes a point where Bolt is defeated and comes to the realization that, gasp, he doesn't have these powers. The group disperses long enough for a sad, musical montage, where Bolt goes around, trying to demonstrate his powers and failing miserably. Meanwhile, the hamster is probably disillusioned that his idol isn't the canine superhero that he thought, and the cat is saddened that Bolt doesn't believe in himself anymore, while there's a real-life girl out there who loves him. However, they eventually get back together, the hamster praises him and says that despite not being like he is on TV, he still has what it takes on the inside. The cat echoes this sentiment, and also says that he has a little girl he needs to get back to. Each having found themselves, they forge on to where Penny is. If the cat's leash wasn't removed before, it is now.

They finally reach their destination, which likely will happen during some event of importance or fast approaching the wire of some fast-approaching deadline, and while evading some villain -- the unscrupulous management or a dog-catcher are likely candidates -- using their unique skills and working together, they make it through and reunite Bolt with Penny. Also, during this, if there were financial problems, they're now solved...or, more likely, the studio closes, but everyone realizes that it's okay and doesn't matter, as long as they have each other ("Awwww"). If the management was unscrupulous, they're revealed for what they are and are fired. The cat now is close friends with Bolt, but since they're not the same species, they can't qualify to be love interests. She is probably taken in by Penny or someone close to Penny and the hamster is returned to his owner, though he still says close to his adventure's companions. The final line of the movie is something humorous and snappy, cut to credits, and the main theme that plays is likely sung by Miley Cyrus. The end.

If I'm right, i think I might try that with other Disney film previews! =) Hee~!

[EDIT]: 90% right! :D Hoo-wah!

For the rest of you that don't feel like reading my entry, here, watch my latest video. Yes, save for John, I had no idea who any of these people were.

Also, quote.
"People are already convinced the apocalypse is upon us. Instead, force world peace. See how nervous that makes people!"
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