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Whoo! Right now I'm listenin' to some folks that I've heard about for some time now. They're called "Machinae Supremacy". Anybody heard of them? Well anyways, they're a pretty cool group. I'm not sure about their lyrics, but I like their sound. It's, like...guitar...but like really really cool 'n stuff! ...okay, yeah, I know that sounds like a 12 year-olds response, but honestly, I think that they do sound neat.

Anyways, just letting you folks know, the housesitting is going pretty well. The cats are lonely, but other than that, things are going well there.

The other day I went to my friend Jessica's openhouse. She had a pool there. ...oh man, it's been such a long time since I last went swimming. I'm serious! Oh it felt great.... There was a friend I knew there named James; I knew him back in high school when he and I went oh, so long ago. ...but the only thing is that hes an interesting case. He's one of those people that...well...doesn't quite fit in too well. He like has something wrong mentally with him, I think, and it just sort of feels awkward dealing with him, but still he's a nice enough person that you want to talk to him and socialize. Know what I mean? Forgive me if I sound like I'm saying anything bad about him. I think he's a great person, I really do; it just feels...awkward, I'll say, around him.

...well I'll get off that subject for now and go to something else. It was my friend Chris's birthday the other day. I think it was yesterday...at least that's when I read on his away message that he said it was his birthday.... Anyways, I didn't get him anything, but I feel I should. But also I think about how much he's "mooched" off me before without hint of giving back, and I wonder if I actually should. I think he's gradually taken like about $30 from me these past couple months without even offering to pay anything back. G'ahh, I don't know.

In other news, my room is an oven. I'm serious. I'm honestly dripping in sweat right now, and I have bare minimal clothes on right now. Crud it's hot.... And the air conditioning even is going too! I suppose today would be a great day to go swimming again. I wonder if Jessica would let me over again.... *mooch mooch!*

Well anyways, I should get going for now. Not much is going on around here right now, to tell you the truth. I'm still working, but I'm starting to appreciate my job more instead of dreading going there every night. I suppose I'm seeing now that this job pays money, and if it does that, then how can I complain? Well...I suppose I could complain about how much time it takes away from my life...but I won't get into that subject for now.

Oh! Speaking of taking time away from my life, the fair's going on! Whoo!! The Porter County Fair is once again here, thank God. I love going there. I've been there every single year single year since I was a kid. This year, though, I'm here in Valparaiso with my roommates, so I'm going to see if they'd like to come with me some time. Oh yeah! Last year, if you would look at my previous journal, you'll see last year I did recorded karaoke there and posted the song for you folks to enjoy. ...but since then the song was taken offline, because of losing webspacee because of switching internet servicec providers...b ut anyways.... This year I was thinking about doing that again. But I need to find something that's as odd and fun as "I Will Survive". Mm, I'll think of something....

Anyways, I think my foot just caught on fire, so that's probably a bad sign, so I'm going to get headed out now. For real. And stop talking to you...*looks...waits...* audience of one.

Oh yeah, and to Erin, that page was taken down when I lost my subscription to aol. Yeah, bad, I know...but it happens.
And to the rest of you who are reading that and have no clue what I'm talking about...aren't you nosey?! Butt out! Did I ask for you to read that! ...well...I did ask for you to read my journal...um...I make sense! Really! I...yeah, I leave now. Thanks folks! =)
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