Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

So it's that day, huh?

The rumors of my death have been slightly exaggerated, though they've not been far off the mark. Right from the start of this semester, I've been getting my butt kicked hard. Having Professor O'Connor for two classes (back-to-back days, no less) has been rather unpleasant, though I still do value her tutelage and insight of the Broadcast world. A number of ginormous projects she'd assigned for both classes are now finished, and I'm hoping the semester will ease up on me now (aside from one project, which involves working with some unpleasant, frame-inaccurate video editing equipment). Sleep hasn't been something I've been terribly familiar with for awhile, and while I do try to stay away from their use, I've been having a good number of energy drinks.

Continuing on, though, I do believe it's customary that I make a post on Valentine's Day, so here you are. Years ago, I was rather bitter at the "conditional holiday," but now I've reconciled to rather embrace Valentine's Day as a day for love for all. Romantic love is definitely not the only kind of love out there, and if you're reading this, I can guarantee you that you've definitely got a space in my heart. I hope all of you don't forget to share your love with anybody and everybody you know.

I do believe it's also customary during this day to go link to my Valentines archive! Yes, it's been updated since last year, and I encourage anyone who finds anymore good ones to link me to them :) Take care, everyone, and I hope you've all been doing well!

"Kali ma" means "I love you!" ^_^
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