Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

Well then

The rumors of my death have been slightly--okay, maybe I used that line before.

Crud, crud, crud, what's an original way to start out this entry, making sure I have two entries I made for 2009.... Well, I could prattle on about a story involving international espionage, global conspiracies, a genetic secret, a plot that went all the way up to the top beyond the president, and along the way my friends and family became involved, all to a soundtrack done by the New York Symphony Orchestra. Friendships and allegiances were forged and shattered, as we drew closer and closer to the secrets, death-defying and unlikely chase scenes ensued, and in the end, it turned out, entirely unbeknownst to me, I was the villain all along! After a complicated resolution, everyone went home with their views of the world and universe entirely changed for ever, and just before everyone had gone, someone uttered the line, "...or is it?"

Of course, that's a whole lot more interesting than what's really been going on with me. Sure, school's been going nicely, and I'm reeeeaaally, really glad the semester's out and I'm graduating next semester. This semester was a jerk, but that was mostly because of my Communication Law class. Next semester will ideally be easy-peasy, having only two classes (one was optional), but things never do end up working how I'd like.

I've also been interning at the Indiana Welcome Center...or the Lake Country Convention Bureau...or, um, something like that, geez, too many names. The job went well, I made a few videos, both as editor and talent, despite my protests at being said talent, because...well, I'm far from someone who's eloquent, and when your futile attempts at structuring a smooth flow of words is forever captured on camera, you wish someone else could have been standing up there instead. My boss believed in me, though, and everyone there at the Welcome Center enjoyed my work, not to mention the Broadcasting Professor from Hell (a term used with affection, plus she gladly accepts said title, I assure you all), Professor O'Connor, says I have true acting Talent, and thinks I could make a good actor. Here's to hoping some day I'll get the chance to prove her right.

However, something that inspired me to make this post, despite wanting to update you, my friends, on my life, as well as make another journal entry before the new year is out, was to share with you a video that's been in production...geez, for way, far too long. I won't go into the gory details, but essentially, in August, I was given the paid opportunity to travel to New York and Washington D.C. for the purposes of the Air Guitar World Championship, and with a bit of prompting, I finally obliged, and I made a video concerning the whole affair, which you can view...right below. Post-production was fraught with difficulties, such as issues with getting the footage into a usable format, malfunctioning microphones, microphones that just have sucktacular sound quality (some of which unfortunately can still be heard), occasional program crashes, and difficulties with my paid artist...it's done. It's not technically perfect, but thankfully, I think 99% of the video's viewers aren't going to outright shun me for the couple of audio errors.

So, I hope you all enjoy "Air Trip." It's in four pieces, and no matter what your opinion might be of a championship for air guitar (srsly!), to it, this video simply says "yes." Just click the link at the end of each piece to advance. I hope you've all been doing well!

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