Mikey (neomikey) wrote,

It has been...three years, one month, and 28 days since my last journal entry.


I know that barely anyone still uses LiveJournal anymore, since everyone has migrated over to Facebook. Everyone. However, I like to think of this journal as something that will stand the test of time, being a more comprehensive picture of my life than the mere snapshots in Facebook...which I...hardly use anyways, actually!

Let's see, to update.... My time at WGN American was amazing, and I made a lot of great contacts over there. Not long after graduation, I went to work for a video production company, but due to reasons I'd rather not share publicly, we had to part ways. I should point out that it was an amicable parting, and we're both on good terms :) From there, this college-graduated guy went to work for a taxi cab company, where I got robbed, and that put an end to that. So I decided to work at Walmart, while training to become an EMT. I became certified, I left Walmart, and...instead I now work at a pharmaceutical company as one of their drivers.

It's a fantastic job, actually :) I sit in a van for hours at a time while on the roads of Indiana, delivering medicine to nursing homes and hospitals that need it. All the company I have is the radio and/or an audiobook. Occasionally, I'm reminded how scary the roads can be, like when somebody pulls out in front of me in the middle of nowhere and nearly causes an accident, but I think this job's worth it. I'm out there helping people! These people need their medicine!

There was another big event that's happened to me, but due to a possible stalker, I'll leave it unsaid.

Anyways, today is Independence Day, 2013. Outside, there have been fireworks being let off all day, and some of these are loud. Some of these explosions echo through the streets, hitting each house with a mild concussive force. I love this country, I do. I think America is a fantastic nation. The politicians flub it up big time, though, but despite all their greed and meddling, I think that the premise of this country is amazing, and I'm blessed to live here. May God indeed bless America. Let's hope that the country gets better and settles into something beneficial for everyone, instead of just the elite.

I don't know who will read this, but I figured I should go and write something. I'll have this journal as long as the LJ servers still exist, so why not update it, y'know? Anyhow, I hope you, whoever you are reading this, are doing well :)
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