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So! I start this journal entry out. I don't think it's going to be much, my reason behind that logic is that not much has happened over the past few days.

I've gotten off my butt and finally got out looking for a job instead of whining about it. I've applied at a variety of places, including the Lowe's which they're building near by my parents' place, Walgreens, gas stations, pizza delivery, Sears Hardware...and...some other places of which I'm not putting the effort into remembering right now.

Oh my gosh this remix is insane!

*cough, anyways, September 11th has come...and gone.... It's sad what happened those two years ago. There's a lot I could say on the subject, but I don't think it would be anything that you likely haven't heard thus far, so I'll save that. I'll just say my prayers and thoughts go out to all those that were affected by this horrid, horrid tragedy, and may God help us all. Amen.

I've found myself drinking flavored pop/soda/cola/carbonated beverage quite a lot lately. I have a 2-liter of that odd dnL stuff in my car (it's among a lot of other things which haven't been removed yet...), plus there's some generic Old Towne orange soda next to me. 89 cents for a 2-liter is not bad at all, in my opinion!

...stop being bored at me. Soda is plenty interesting!

In friend-wise news, Nick has been settling quite nicely into his new house. ...except for one thing. As of late, his truck has been broken into. It was parked near the street beneath a tree while the lights on the house were out--vandalism bait. So~...some kids (or very dumb adults) attempted three different ways of getting into the car (trying to open the tiny back window, plus trying to jimmy both doors apparently) before eventually giving up and finally breaking the passenger side window. Once inside, they spotted the spiffy stereo. "Oooooh!! Teh stereo!!!!11" ...but all they got was the panel. "Aw snap!!" So they tried jimmying out the rest of the stereo. Nuh uh. "Aw snap!!" And they tried taking off the complete dashboard then too. ...what are these kids thinking trying to do this junk anyways...? "Aw snap, man!! This sucks. Let's take his dome light and stereo panel! We're so deviant!" "lol ok!"

...but yeah. Since then, Nick has been leaving his front lights on, as well as some lights on inside the house, plus keeping the ever vigilant hound of justice on watch...Max. Contrary to popular belief, Max is actually a very attentive watch dog. He might be large and stocky (muscle there, folks) and a little on the...not smart...side, but if something catches his attention, he will make noise. Now if he just didn't trample flowers....

The flower is sad, 'kay?

I shouldn't have to battle pop-ups like this! Egads, I don't know how I got infected so badly with this spy/adware, but man! I suspect keenspace...but I don't know. But still, this is just ridiculous. I very much need to get a hold of Chris whilst he's at the Price's so that we could take care of this. I think it would just take some two hours or so.... And free time. Mikey needs free time.

Speaking of which, problems have arisen at my job. I asked some time ago for a day off next week. The reason for that is entered in an early LJ entry I placed here almost twenty-one years ago. But apparently the manager who wrote the schedule took that as cause to place me on the earliest possible time to go in, as well as the longest possible shift manageable. So that means basically "ha ha ha! No day off for you!"

...that does it....

Listen, missy! I'm not taking any more of your crap! There's too much going on that day, and I'm not the one who was even in charge of it! I've been working here for ten months now, and even though I'm being treated like disposable garbage at a time when you need employees the most I'm still sticking it out around here! But now you just up and ignore everything I've asked you, though it was indeed in a polite manner, and though I've only taken days off in the past because I was sick (just one day!) or family emergencies (two days!), and that was completely it, now you just up and ignore me?! Well either you give me that day off or I'm not going in!! I'm not worried about getting fired, because I'm leaving anyways! It's your loss, pal!!

...um...'least that's what I would say to her...if I was able to organize my thoughts like that on the spur of the moment...and if I wasn't one to usually settle disagreements diplomatically. Yes, I like resolving conflicts in a friendly and peaceful manner, but seriously and honestly, that day coming up is very important to me, and I feel I just need it at the moment. I need people around me who don't look down at me or who appreciate me at least somewhat. Thank God for Wednesday.... I'm inviting Ryan and Fallon along, and maybe we'll all get tacos! Yay!!

I'll end this entry now, I suppose. But tonight at work I brought back a potato. And I think it might be the potato of justice. ...but I don't know. I ate it. No utensils involved. Unwrap. Grasp. Chomp.

The potato actually wasn't sparkly...except for the aluminum foil.  ...just pretend it's still wrapped in that, okay?  ...dang that sounds bad....

I bet Jeff is happy he gave me that webspace now, huh?
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