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Happy b-day to me....

Well, my birthday was happy, actually. I still have that giant cookie too! Chocolate chip, topped with thick frosting. Oh my gosh there was a lot of frosting on there.... I asked Dad if he could put a giant smiley face on there, but he got a generic "happy birthday Mike" with red, white, and blue frosting flowers (yay sugary flavor!), but in the end it was still tasty.

My day started out with waking up about 2 and realizing I overslept ("a little?!"). Discouraged that I wasn't able to go to the B.M.V. to get my license renewed, but then discovered that they closed at 12:30...and I would need two pieces of identification on me...which I didn't have...because my pants were stolen at Wendy's one night (yes, seriously) about a month ago. Those pants contained my wallet. That wallet contained my license. That license contained my identification. That bites.

So I'm not supposed to be driving now, but, um...I...kind of have to. I plan on going tomorrow so I guess it isn't all bad. The job front hasn't been going too well for me lately. I still have yet to find a definite placee to work, and I only have till Friday to find some place for employment. So! I'm likely to be going a bit without any job. Man, losing my job like this throws my plans for a huge loop, but at least it was at a convenient time where soon I won't need to worry about monthly bills, but still, this really is somewhat awkward for me.

I'd go into more detail about that situation, but I won't. This post wasn't quite meant for it. After I woke up, I spent some time on my computer, found the B.M.V. closed at 12:30 on Wednesdays, while Fallon watched "My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding" which came on tv about then. At 4 she left, got Ryan, I did stuff with my camera, came back, then we left for my parents' place. I didn't tell them it was my birthday, because I didn't want people making a big deal out of it (especially this one...), but they knew anyways.

Went to parents'. Went to grandma's. Went to Pepe's. And...we all got along surprisingly well. I was honestly surprised at how well Ryan and Fallon play against my parents. We had some nice laughs tonight.

Oh!! Funniest line mentioned tonight--
Mikey: Well what about their dog?
Grandma: Oh they sell marijuana.

From out of nowhere! There was like a moment of silence taking in exactly what she just said, then everybody just started cracking up. Ryan and Fallon were surprised at my grandma and the things she said. She and Mom crabbed at each other, but...that's...normal. We talked about Grandma's neighborhood. "Well, it goes drug house, drug house, Grandma's house, domestic abuse, stabbing...then there at the corner, the abandoned gas station is where somebody was shot...then the other gas station is where somebody was raped...." My grandma lives two blocks away from Gary, which was the past murder capital of the world, as far as ratio for the population goes.

I got a giant cookie, two cards, and $70 collective. I don't need presents...I just want to know people care. I almost scored myself a beer, though! ...bu~t I don't have much use for that, other than to try it and say "I don' like it, man!" So no alcoholy for me.

We came back. Went to see Kristy. She wasn't home. Came back to the apartment with Ryan and Fallon. Went on computer. ...um...that's it. ...what? Don't look at me like that! Yay birthday!

Blargh this entry was boring.... Just an obligatory "hey, I'm a year older" entry. I suppose I'm done with grubbing for attention now.
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